DNP denmark and their projection screens optical Supernova, as the new 170 inches, have been one of the major players during the recent celebration of Infocomm 2013 and Projection Summit contest.

DNP denmark InfoComm 2013

Manufacturer of optical displays DNP denmark been valued very positively its participation in the recent edition of InfoComm 2013 in Orlando (Florida), in which has tripled the number of attendees to its stand regarding the past editions.

Thus it ensured Soeren Kraemmergaard, global sales & marketing manager of dnp, to the end of the contest: "this clear that the economy goes by the road correct in North America." We have received the visit of buyers serious and willing to invest in technology. In fact, I have never seen so many visitors at our booth at this Edition".

DNP denmark InfoComm 2013In this sense, Kraemmergaard attributed the company's success during this contest to a series of "key factors", as "resellers, partners and customers alike came to our stand to see the Supernova screen Blade 110-inch ultra slim frame;" the big screen of 165 inch Infinity Supernova (which runs with a projector 3500 Ansi lumens) and Supernova STS 92 inches, in collaboration with the projection of Vivitek”.

DNP denmark also take part of InfoComm 2013 to show an "advancement" of the new Supernova Flex Classic 170 inches, as a complement to the current versions of more than 120 inches, which will be available for sale at the end of the year, as reported Digital AV Magazine.

"Supernova screens are exceptional - underlines Kraemmergaard - and all were surprised and pleased by what they saw, in large part due to the high contrast that offer a wide range of applications."

DNP denmark InfoComm 2013

Normative PISCR Ansi standard

During the event, the company announced a reciprocal agreement with the imaging specialist Digital Projection International (DPI) to use the systems of the respective companies with the support of the other. "Customers were not aware that the two best all the spectacle of projection screens were ours and that of DPI, without realising that they were also our Supernova and Infinity Supernova."

During the 'Projection Summit' contest, Soeren Weis Lindegaard, business manager OEM DNP denmark, gave a seminar on optical screens and imaging with contrast (PISCR) ratio Ansi standard.

DNP denmark InvisiBezel"Many people still are not aware of the Ansi standard, while it has been in force for more than two years. We have performed measurements with a normal type of white fabric and our mobile Supernova screen. "Lit the light to the 100% and measure a ratio of contrast from 5:1 in the screen of fabric white and of 26:1 in the Supernova mobile with our material optical", says Kraemmergaard.

For this Director, with these innovations, the team that ultimately will prove to be the great revelation of the company will be STS and, still in development, InvisiBezel, which opens a world of possibilities for viewing thanks to the singular function of STS Fresnel lens structure that optimizes the output of ultra short range projectors , as the of Vivitek, and eliminates the problem of the bezel between panels LCD.

All this opens up a huge range of possibilities of visualization, because "we knew that STS was perfect for some vertical markets such as education, but in an environment like InfoComm had a huge interest from segments dedicated to meeting meetings and meetings

InfoComm 2013 has set the best result of attendance in its history, with more than 35,126 visitors from over 110 countries.

dnp denmark Supernova

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By • 26 Jun, 2013
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