Unedged sand Multitouch platform integrates 1.8 version a score of applications to create multi-touch environments, reducing the costs of developing interactive applications and digital signage.

Unedged sand Multitouch

The developer of environments multimedia Unedged, represented in Spain by the Distributor Macroservice, has available the version 1.8 of its platform of software Arena Multitouchpara create environments multimedia and multi-touch completely custom.

This software, that works in ' the cloud ', allows control content, manage licenses, make changes remote and download updates and revisions from a PC of way fast and simple, reducing them costs of development in applications interactive or of signage digital

Unedged sand MultitouchThe platform Arena Multitouch has with the support of twenty applications or app to multiply the possibilities of create environments multimedia in museums, centers commercial and shops, stands in fairs, presentations and showrooms.

Its use is simple, since through the use of an or several app, them professional can load images, videos, pdf..., and show a content custom, already is in form of catalogue, images and videos, with possibility of extend and rotate, as well as develop questionnaires to interact with the customer or the visitor.

The app developed by Unedged in its Arena Multitouch platform are compatible with any size monitor and touch multitouch technology, in even can link to web pages, access to social networks, show news and other information, among other possibilities.

In addition to the native and import existing applications in HTML5 and CCS, professionals can also introduce widgets in a specific area of ​​the screen applications, while other apps still work.

The platform Arena Multitouch facilitates quick and easy content creation multitouch, with an innovative design and an interface very intuitive user, which allows for an elegant graphical environment and expandability with advanced monitoring tools for use from either side of monitor or interactive table.

Unedged sand Multitouch

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By • 27 Jun, 2013
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