The new pack ANTIHURTO Essentials of Tyco IF & S integrated acousto-magnetic technology to help small retailers to ensure their products with guarantees.

Tyco antihurto

Tyco Integrated Fire & Security, A provider of security solutions and fire protection, formerly known as ADT, has incorporated the technology into their packs acousto-magnetic anti-shoplifting Essentials, specially developed for the retail sector

Essentials es una solución asequible y fiable para los pequeños minoristas que ofrece protección de todos sus productos expuestos en tienda con tecnología acustomagnética. La marca Sensormatic de Tyco IF&S, con más de cuarenta años desarrollando soluciones de protección electrónica de artículos (EAS), ofrece las máximas garantías para evitar el hurto.

Tyco antihurtoHigh levels of detection; wide coverage (up to 1.80 meters between pedestals); more effective and adhesive labels small size; Remote Deactivation reliably; recovery controlled for changes or refunds; alert function "close tags" and integrated electronic control unit are some of the features of Essentials.

This system is installed quickly and easily, and has visual and audible warning if a theft occurs, in addition to low power consumption.

Ricardo Arroyo, president of Tyco IF & S in Spain and Portugal, said that "we are aware of the effort that today makes small businesses to move forward with their business, which is why we want to offer the possibility of having a security solution with modern design and high performance at an affordable price. "

Tyco IF & S has developed two packs of electronic protection, according to the needs of the retailer. Antihurto Essentials ABS, with installation included and optional adhesive and quencher or hard tags and labels stripper, to be chosen by the type of product to be protected, for 75 euros a month for twenty four months.

Meanwhile, the pack ANTIHURTO Acrylic Essentials is indicated for fashion products or more delicate in its labeling and includes all of the above for 100 euros a month for twenty four months.

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By • 28 Jun, 2013
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