Once best-known projectors for the teaching and business scope of Sony, in particular the series D, E and S, have incorporated new technologies in order to improve its integration with other solutions and extend the offer of the company for the European market.

The multinational Sony It has perfected eleven D, E series projectors and S, especially suitable for the educational and business environment with the incorporation of new technologies and improved integration with other solutions.

In this regard, recent interactive ultra-short range of S-Series projectors incorporate new integration capabilities, with features such as the automatic calibre, video capture and video conferencing, which provides the user a wide range of options to make your presentation as interactive as possible, both in the educational environment as a business.

More recent projectors from ranges D, E and S have capacity of wireless tablets and smart phones using VueMagic Mobile Presenter of Pixelworksso that users can make presentations or share content with most mobile devices and tablets iOS version 5.1.1 or Android (since October).

Robert Meakin, product in the area of education and business at Sony Professional Solutions Europe, explains that "building on the momentum of the launch of the series D, E and S last year, this year spotlights work and collaborate better with other existing technologies." In the classroom or in the boardroom, these new eco projectors are the best way to make presentations more dynamic and interactive."

Other features of the new projectors of the series D, E and S are similar to those that were announced a year ago, as the attenuation automatic lamp, which allows the projectors to detect if it is on and receiving a static signal.

These systems also have an eco-operation to reduce energy consumption and prolong the useful life of the equipment and, thereby, improve productivity and cost efficiency. To do this, they include an automatic brightness adjustment function, so that the light intensity to dynamically adjust to the brightness of the projected image.

In addition, the image mute function reduces power consumption by 30%, according to the company, thus saving costs and increasing the life of the lamp. Moreover, there is no need to completely turn off the computer and back on.

The new models of the D series (VPL-DX126, DW126 and DW146) and Series E (VPL-EX226, EW226, EX246, EW246, EX276 and EW276) are available in the market since last July, while than the S (VPL-SW526C and VPL-SW536C) series have begun marketing in the month of August.

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By • 2 Aug, 2013
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