The company technological Tecatel has been awarded of the service of television interactive of the Hospital general universitario of Valencia with its solution Medip, a screen touch that serves of channel of communication for medical and patient, as well as of leisure.

Operational in five Spanish hospitals, the Valencian company Medip solution Tecatel is implemented also in the Hospital general universitario of Valencia, as awarded of the contest of the service of television interactive convened by this Center.

Tecatel Medip is an antibacterial 19 inch touchscreen that serves not only to provide entertainment to the patient during hospitalization, but it acts as a channel of communication and information to the physician, who can gain access to the patient's clinical history or register tests, while it can access other services from the Centre.

This solution improves efficiency in hospital management, since they reduce errors in history and the monitoring of the evolution of the patient is immediate.

Antibacterial and touch screen features an arm articulated for flexible installation and adapt to the position of the patient, lying or incorporated, or if you have any disability or problem of mobility, which can access entertainment services (TV, radio, Internet, games,...).

Through cards with encrypted code, doctors and nurses can access the data of the patient, such as their medical history, tests to perform and results thereof, etc. In addition, it is also possible to add applications to the management of the maintenance of the room.

Another option that can be installed on the screen is a digital camcorder, in order to monitor at all times the patients who need it or incorporate the Centre's services to the patient, such as choice of menu, hospital information, surveys, among other possibilities.

Global solution for hospital environments

Tecatel makers, that define Medip as "a global solution for hospital environments", added that another advantage of this screen tablets and PDAs that carry many health professionals, is that there are no problems for the battery to go since the screen is permanently connected to the mains supply in the Center, and durability is increased because no change of a professional to another during shifts.

The objective is to integrate the network of screens with the computer system of the hospital for transfer and sharing medical data immediately, and even at the international level, to provide a management more efficient, rapid and secure this sensitive information.

With the installation of televisions hospital MeDIP be replaced, although a part of the project is to improve the wiring and adaptation of rooms to new terminals, whose advantage is that it requires no invest in added equipment.

As reported by Digital AV MagazineThe Valencia University General Hospital was a pioneer in the Spanish health system to install in the waiting room of the emergency area screen digital signage company playthe.NETIn which specific information on education, promotion and entertainment, health prevention and center services is offered.

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By • 27 Aug, 2013
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