The smart solution TrueVUE Inventory Inventory Execution Display lets you control stocks that are in stokc in retail stores.

Tyco RFID solution for stores

Tyco TRS-Display Execution-SaksTyco Integrated Fire & Security has developed an application with RFID technology allows stores to count inventory easily and simply. With the intelligent solution TrueVUE Inventory Inventory Display Execution ensures that all models and colors in stock are exposed and available for sale. Thanks to RFID, retailers achieve greater process efficiency, improve inventory visibility and increase exposure rates.

This tool, which is already being used in major American chain stores, Saks Fifth Avenue, is ideal for all types of businesses such as department stores, specialty shoe stores, consumer electronics accessories.

Saks Fifth Avenue has achieved a rate of nearly one hundred exposure cient in its shoe department located on the eighth floor of its flagship store in New York.

Using a handheld RFID reader, the staff can monitor daily inventory footwear and generate a report of all the shoes missing from the exhibition area to replace it. Previously, this process took several hours employees of day or even a week to control the whole plant; even then, only one exposure rate of 65% was obtained.

Currently, the count of the exposed models takes just 20 minutes for the entire plant and allows the establishment to maintain a rate of almost perfect, in addition to allowing marketers to focus on serving customers exposure.

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By • 5 Nov, 2013
• Section: Accessories, Control

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