The Belgian firm Barco has expanded its range of projectors Galaxy 4K series with three new models to meet the demand for higher resolution images and stereo in virtual reality applications.

Barco Galaxy 4K

Galaxy projector range 4K Boat It has been expanded with three models: 4K-12; 4K-4K-23 and 32, capable of delivering ultra high resolution in both mono and stereo to 120 Hz and with an excellent response time user interaction for virtual reality applications.

Commercially available in the first quarter of 2014, these projectors offer a brightness of 12,000 lumens in the model Galaxy 4K-12; 23,000 lumens (4K-23) and 32,000 lumens projector 4K-32, AV Digital Magazine discussed in detail shortly.

This range of projectors has been improved and expanded to respond more quickly to user interactions through tracking systems or haptic devices as used in virtual reality environments.

In addition, the stereo content can be viewed with a resolution of native 4K full (rather than re-2K resolution), to which is added the teams have new entries DisplayPort 1.2 and color accuracy has increased 8bit / 12bit color / color.

3D stereo flexibility

Barco Galaxy 4K-23

Gracias a la resolución de 4K de estos proyectores, los detalles importantes son más visibles, ya sea en modelos de diseños o en capas de datos geofísicos. Con estéreo 3D activo y tecnología 3D activa de Infitec, así como una opción de configuración apilada que permite 3D pasiva de Infitec a una resolución total 4K, el profesional puede elegir el tipo de estéreo 3D que se ajuste mejor a sus necesidades.

Para Stefan Vandemaele, product manager de Barco, “el soporte para imágenes 4K nativos y estéreo en un solo equipo Galaxy 4K es un nuevo hito en la inmersión virtual. Los usuarios pueden experimentar con imágenes en muy alta resolución, con tiempos de reacción muy rápidos, cuyo resultado es una representación mucho más realista de los contenidos de realidad virtual”.

The Galaxy 4K series is specifically designed for the market of virtual reality and therefore is optimized for projecting stereo images 3D in 4K resolution with Active Infitec technology (when it comes to large groups) or by using glasses active (small groups). In both cases only a projector and standard screen is required, so that the existing infrastructure can be reused optimally.

Barco Galaxy 4K-32Customers who have already invested in Galaxy 4K projector can benefit from these improvements through an upgrade with minimal downtime of the system, since the projector may remain in position, avoiding labor intensive for realignment.

"The Galaxy 4K series is based on Barco's experience in developing high performance projectors for digital cinema markets and virtual reality, high image quality, optimum stability and the best value -underlines Vandemaele-. The ability to upgrade the Galaxy 4K projectors clearly demonstrates our commitment to maximize customer's initial investment. "

The Belgian company has also upgraded its high quality processor 400 MCM (warping and blending) to support 4K resolution, higher frame rates and color depth, thanks to which it is possible to build multi-projector systems Galaxy 4K.

Barco Galaxy 4K foto VR4iAdemás de ofrecer un óptimo rendimiento como proyector independiente, los nuevos modelos Galaxy 4K también están preparados para su configuración y utilización en múltiples canales, como powerwalls de alta resolución, cuevas inmersivas, etc. Gracias al uso de la tecnología de emisión de luz constante (que mantiene un nivel de brillo uniforme sobre el sistema completo), también se pueden crear áreas de proyección de alta resolución muy estables.

All models are completely sealed both the DMD chip and the optical engine to prevent any dust from entering the critical components of the projector. To this is added, the modular design of the projectors Galaxy 4K to ensure durability and easy maintenance with a simple interface for easy operation diagnostics and configuration, which also includes the choice between a direct replacement of lamps and changes full housing lamps as needed.

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