Officially available after months of testing, Google has presented Helpouts, a new service of collaboration and helps bidirectional that works in it platform of videoconference Hangouts of the company.

Google Helpouts

Google It has officially launched Helpoutsa service in which users can ask for help and questions with experts in each subject through the platform of videoconference Hangouts of the company, in some cases for free and others pay.

Google HelpoutsAfter months of testing, Helpouts already has services available for language learning with Rosetta Stone; aesthetics and cosmetics from Sephora, among a wide variety of suppliers, which include large and small and medium-sized companies and independent experts. Its use is simple; the user that wants to resolve a specific issue or consult access a catalogue of experts offering their services (with ratings and reviews and pay) to help you in the matter in question, whether it is at the moment via videoconference or organizing a virtual date.

As they have secured from Google in the presentation of this new service, "Helpouts aims to help people to help others. We want to use the convenience and efficiency of the web so that anyone, no matter where you are or what time it is, easily connect with someone who can help you."

Google HelpoutsThem features specific of Helpouts facing others services that used the video online or chats to resolve issues or tutorials of Internet, is that this proposed of Google is that them experts that appear in the catalogue of services mark the remuneration of each consultation or resolution of problems (by time consumed or minutes of use of the service or a quantity fixed according to the difficulty) (, specialization, etc.), while Google enters a 20% of such income by use of the engine and service.

Otra de sus ventajas es la flexibilidad 24×7 del servicio y la elección por parte del usuario de cuándo, cómo y con qué experto quiere realizar su consulta. A lo que se suman las herramientas de colaboración Google a disposición del usuario, que puede compartir la pantalla del ordenador, grabar la consulta o tutorial, seleccionar y captar imágenes,…

Los servicios que ofrece Helpouts, actualmente sólo disponibles en inglés, cuentan con una amplia y versátil propuesta de proveedores que va en crecimiento, que previamente Google analiza para corroborar su especialización y preparación antes de entrar a formar parte de su catálogo.

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By • 6 Nov, 2013
• Section: Training, Business, Telepresence / videoconferencing

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