Two inches screens dnp Supernova Infinity 120 have been chosen by the Chinese power company State Grid Corporation for monitoring center option.

dnp Supernoca Infinity en el State Grid Corporation china

DNP Denmark It has two screens designed optical projection Supernova Infinity, in configurations 2 × 4 and 120 inches in 16:09 format for the Grid State Operation Monitoring Center in China. The installation of these systems has been carried out by Wincomm Technology, Partner manufacturer in this country of the East.

Chinese state-owned electricity sector, State Grid Corporation, has chosen dnp Supernova Infinity Screen for three reasons. First because the lighting Powerful top of the control room would have made it impossible for a conventional display shows clear and colorful images.

In addition, the distance between the two main screens regarding the monitor is 15 meters compared with the strong lighting LED screens screens dnp have a softer light, so it is suitable for users viewing screen close away in the middle of the hall.

La ventaja final fue la modularidad del sistema. Debido a las limitaciones de la entrada del edificio una sola pantalla de gran capacidad no era una opción. En su lugar, la pantalla Supernova Infinity ofrece una solución y experiencia visual perfecta.

SuperNova Infinity is an advanced optical projection screen front modular designed by multiple units of Supernova screens which together form a huge and unique projection display, made up of seven layers of high-tech to offer a display of highest quality and reliability.

dnp Supernoca Infinity en el State Grid Corporation china

One layer is composed of one lens optic, patented by dnp, to reduce the impact of ambient light and achieve a better contrast of the image, as well as a reflection layer of high technology for maximum gain and color reproduction, among others.

With an aluminum structure, Supernova Infinity is designed to have no restrictions on size or number of screens with a front projection saturations perfect color and bright images without having to darken the room in which it is installed. Thus, these devices become the key to creating large-scale displays in any size required element, as an alternative to solutions DNP rear projection. The screens are easy and quick to attach (wall or ceiling) through a series of high power magnets to achieve a practically invisible joint.

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By • 7 Nov, 2013
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