Manufacturer and wholesaler of identification systems and biometric Kimaldi Electronics has introduced a new team of access control and presence RFID for the business market, with various configuration options.

Kimaldi control accessThe new system of access control and presence of Kimaldi Electronics, manufacturer and wholesalers of equipment of identification and control of people, is has developed to improve the management integral in them companies of them inputs and outputs of them employees, with different options of configuration.

This module of management time for those workers includes a terminal of control of access and presence and a software of management flexible and adaptable to the needs of each company. The system offers various options of configuration both in the type of technology, with the incorporation radiofrequency or biometrics of fingerprint digital; as in communications, with Ethernet or WiFi.

The device incorporates proprietary software so that it can be used as control of access and presence, which the administration tool adds to enlist employees, access cards, management shifts, etc. This software integrated in them terminals has been developed by one of them distributors of the company using the module Kimaldi Kiwi and the reader of proximity RFID GP20, that Kimaldi sells in two versions: an of control of access and another to manage the control of presence of a number unlimited of employees and adaptable to the needs of each company.

The version for the control of access contemplates a location in concrete, while can expand is to posts of control to get reports of each location, and incorporates technology of verification visual of the access in time real through a screen. With features more advanced, the version of control of presence incorporates a screen touch and keyboard numeric so the employee can register any incidence in their access, although the system also can configure is by default.

Moreover, Kimaldi Electronics participates in the 2013 edition of Smart City Expo World Congress, to be held from 19 to 21 November in Fira de Barcelona, ​​where it will display at its booth (F610) their new innovations in systems own identification and the brands it represents.

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By • 8 Nov, 2013
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