Them cameras Sony CH160 and CH120 have been them systems chosen by LG Networks to implement the solution CCTV in the network of Renault Trucks.

Security Sony in Renault Trucks

Silver Renault Trucks in Essex (United Kingdom) has installed a complete surveillance IP CCTV system in your current network to protect their properties and vehicles located in the enclosure. Responsible for this project has been the company LG Networks that has chosen security cameras Sony CH120 and CH160 for its realization.

Renault Trucks Essex had been long experiencing problems of unauthorized entries in its facilities which gave rise to theft of parts of vehicles and damage to the property.

"We wanted a system that deter potential intruders enter and provide the quality of image needed before a court. "Another objective important was check and verify the State of them vehicles when entered in the plant, what us allows solve possible disagreements with the customer on the time in which is have produced them damage and eliminates great part of the subjectivity of the process", says Paul yesterday, responsible of service aftermarket of Renault.

Sony SNC-CH160Cameras Sony CH160 and CH120

LG Networks experts recommended IP cameras from Sony as a fundamental part of the project. CCTV, fully integrated solution, incorporates six CH160 Sony cameras installed around the perimeter of the building to cover the parking areas and entrance doors.

"Sony cameras offer an excellent night vision and we have not needed to install more light to get the images that we needed, while the outside is not well lit at night", explains Stuart Smallcombe, director of operations of LG Networks.

Sony SNC-CH120Inside the enclosure, CH120 cameras provide pictures of the reception and workshops repair jobs.
LG Networks has a long relationship with Renault Trucks Essex, who had already installed the telephone system. "We implemented IP networks and a camera is simply a device that attaches to the end of such networks. Although we come from the world of voice over IP systems, an IP camera is not much different. We had to understand how to fit cameras on the part of the recording of the material and learn to locate them, to take into account the viewing angles and that sort of thing", clarifies Smallcombe.

On the floor of Essex, recordings are stored on a server with Windows operating system. "We tend to use a Sony NSR 500, since it offers a better cost solution for cameras and storage needs, and includes other features that facilitate the use for large installations. In addition we include in the package a free iPad with the app installed Sony to provide remote access to images recorded and captured in real time", continues Smallcombe.

Sony security cameras

This security infrastructure has not only been in the plant of Renault Trucks Essex but it has also expanded the project to the centres of London, Felixstowe, Northampton and Exeter.

The new CCTV system provides the right message to each recipient. In the case of intrusion, warns that the property is protected and are monitoring their movements. In the case of customers, showing them the value that Renault gives your business.

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By • 8 Nov, 2013
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