The new developed by Samsung Electronics HW-F850 sound bar incorporates Soundshare and NFC technology to deliver an audio experience immersive and integrated with other devices.

Samsung HW-F850

Manufacturer Samsung Electronics has presented HW-F850, a new bar of sound Hi-Fi that enriches and makes more simple the experience of the user thanks to the great power of sound that offers and to their connection without cables.

HW-F850 incorporates technology Soundshare, that allows connect easily it bar of sound to the TV Samsung through Bluetooth (also can connect is through cable HDMI), so is achieves a space clean and free of cables, in addition to is handles through the remote control.

This new bar of sound has also with technology NFC to integrate is to all those devices (smartphones, tablets,...) that have of the same without need of cables.

Samsung HW-F850With HW-F850, Samsung expands and improves them add-ons for its Smart TV, both in quality of sound as in design. Integrated vacuum valves are able to eliminate imperfections in the sound and annoying noises, so the user enjoys a more immersive listening experience and more clean and crisp sound. The valve amplifier also illuminates when the frequency of sound is intensified.

The system is complemented by 3D Sound Plus feature, which synchronizes sound with motion and depth of the image, while the new Vertical Surround Sound achieves a more immersive and crisp acoustics. The front speaker emits sound toward the floor and to the ceiling, to provide the most realistic sound possible.

With a touch panel for easy configuration, the Soundbar HW-F850 can also be installed on the wall, as it integrates a sensor system that automatically detects the speaker position and calibrate the sound to provide the best listening experience.

Samsung HW-F850

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By • 13 Nov, 2013
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