The piece central of the festival of art Illuminating York 2013, Triquetra, was made by The Projection Studio, a spectacle of videomapping in 3D for which is used those projectors Christie 18 K.

Projection Studio Triquetra Illuminating York 2013

Ross Ashton of the company The Projection Studio and the producer of sound Karen Monid are them responsible of the realization of Triquetra, a work of art composed of light and sound that is has projected on the Tower of Clifford and the mound on which is based, located in the historical city of York (United Kingdom).

This show, which has been launched on the occasion of the ninth edition of the festival of art Illuminating York 2013, held between October 30 and November 2, tells the story of the three kings of the Vikings of Denmark who had a great influence in York, England, in particular, Sweyn Forkbeard, first King of England Viking, and his son Canute the great. Ashton and his team The Projection Studio created all the material graphic and for its realization is reported in documents of the time. Using projections and a great environment sound, this canvas emblematic embodies the connection between the man and the nature, themes classic of the Vikings.

Triquetra offered a performance videomapping with images of 75 meters wide at the base of the mound and more than 25 meters, generating an architectural creation in 3D modeling playing in loop in every 15 minutes. The projections were made with eight teams Christie 18K, operating two to two to maximize brightness, while the video content was managed with a d3 server control system. The equipment, provided by QED, was located in the towers, especially washes for the event at the base of the mound.

Projection Studio Triquetra Illuminating York 2013

Surround audio

This landscape of projected images merged with the music from the soundtrack of Karen Monid, while a voiceovers were in old English, old Nordic and Latin languages created narrated legends taken from manuscripts and documents of the medieval times. An opportunity that students from five universities, including York and Cambridge, could be expressed in these languages.

For the launch of this show's sound system was used D & B C7, that was supplied by AVLS with base in Sheffield, and for their reproduction is made use of a machine ADAT. A 5.1 surround sound was created to attract even more spectators and insert them into the action.

Projection Studio Triquetra Illuminating York 2013

By what Triquetra?

La triqueta es la representación de la filosofía celta en la que todo tiene tres niveles relacionados entre sí y s símbolo está compuesto por tres piezas vesica. Ashton y Monid vieron esto como el nombre perfecto para la pieza, ya que es un símbolo que tenía importancia para los vikingos paganos como un símbolo de Odin, y se transformó en un símbolo de la Trinidad, cuando los vikingos se convirtieron al cristianismo. Un proceso que fue supervisado por los tres reyes vikingos de la narración.

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By • 13 Nov, 2013
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