The Dutch multinational Royal Philips has unveiled its new brand image and future strategy focused on the creation of technological innovation at the service of the people: ' Innovation and you', which is also based on a new corporate imaging, much more modern.

Philips innovation and you

Research and technological innovation and to the service of people define new business and brand strategy of Royal Philips, under the motto ' Innovation and you', which has also designed a new corporate image in its logo more in keeping with this philosophy.

Frans van Houten, CEO of Royal Philips has presented it to the world: "innovation has been part of our DNA since introducing our first bulb, more than hundred and twenty years." We believe that the new brand positioning reflects much better the Mission of Philips to improve people's lives through significant innovations. "As company technological, our commitment is offer innovation that drives our growth future and is relevant for the people".

Philips HealthThis objective of Philips focuses, in the words of its CEO, in which "we will make more affordable and accessible health care through innovation. Our energy efficient LED lighting solutions will improve the welfare of the people and will make the world a more sustainable place. Our products and locally relevant consumer services, will improve the lifestyle of the people, their health and well-being. This is what our brand stands".

To give to know this new brand positioning based on innovation to improve the lives of people, the company has developed the digital platform ' Innovation and you', based on videos with real stories that show how some people and sectors have improved the quality of life with the innovations of the Dutch company; as LED lighting dynamic and relaxing on the floor of children's hospital; the system of ultrasound guided by magnetic resonance MR-HIFU to treat tumors, etc.

All this is part of the Accelerate program! since launched by Philips to adapt and transform itself into a more agile, dynamic and proactive company focused on innovation in health care, lighting and the welfare of the people.

New logo adapted to the times digital

New Philips logo

This change has also been accompanied the design of a new corporate logo signature, more adapted to the new era of innovation and digital and mobile channels, but maintaining traditional elements of the company, in whose design partners have worked as Interbrand, Ogilvy and OneVoice.

The company has conducted a social media campaign to arouse the interest of consumers and businesses, with the creation of the web Uncover Philips, which was going slowly discovering the logo; hidden some 50,000 pixels of varying gray color each time a user share the image on social networks.

New Philips logo

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By • 15 Nov, 2013
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