With the AR-3000SD, Roland expands its line of recorders / audio players with a team that offers expanded compatibility and includes programmable clocks, networking and support for multiple formats control.

Roland AR-3000SD

Roland Systems Group expands its line of recorders / players ads with the AR-3000SD model, which provides an advanced audio quality and offers compatibility expanded with programmable clocks, networking, support for multiple formats playback control and multiple file types up to 24-bit and 96 KHz.

La gama Roland AR de grabadores/reproductores de avisos son muy estables y ampliamente instalados en estaciones de tren, aeropuertos, centros comerciales y parques temáticos. Están diseñados para funcionar en los entornos más críticos, como reproducciones de avisos en aeropuertos, TV, radio, navegación guiada en centros comerciales y diseños de sonido en atracciones de parques temáticos.

This model represents the next generation of digital recorders / players, incorporating a time programmer and control by LAN with web server functionality and allows control from any remote site. The AR-3000SD lets you select templates for the application you are using, using control RS-232 input on the rear panel. There are five different types of play including; direct, scheduled, binary, computer and MIDI, as well as loop and repeat.

Roland rear AR-3000SD

El AR-3000SD puede integrarse como parte de un sistema mayor. Los mejorados controles externos del AR realizan guía de audio basada en interruptores o narración disparada por sensores, código de tiempo, MIDI, software, incluso control desde LAN. También controla dispositivos externos para reproducir música desde instrumentos MIDI, controlar un sistema de luces, encender amplificadores, disparar un reproductor de vídeo…

Roland's new model supports a variety of audio formats for recording and / or reproduction. It has AES / EBU digital output allowing audio quality. For storage supports SD or Compact Flash cards that can record up to 2000 phrases. Plays and records audio files uncompressed WAV and MP3 up to 24-bit 96KHz.

Roland AR-3000SD frontFeatures

  • Recording and playback at 24-bit 96KHz
  • programmable clock one year ahead
  • LAN control web server functionality
  • External control playback using the connection terminals
  • Editing software cards ARE-3000
  • Using durable SD / SDHC memory using SLC (Single Level Cell), SD-4G ...

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By • 15 Nov, 2013
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