Brew Cinema is a large screening room located in the Museum of the Stiegl Brauwelt beer that, thanks to Hitachi and Panasonic projectors and a large panoramic videowall, takes visitors on a journey into the world of beer.

BREW Cinema at Stiegl Brauwelt with Hitachi and Panasonic

The new Brew, Cinema, located in the brewery Stiegl Brauwelt (Austria) Museum, offers a panoramic film in five languages, whose projection is performed on an area of approximately 200 square meters covering both the walls and the floor.

Visitors can enjoy an exceptional visual experience on the world of beer. The film walk has been designed as a multi-dimensional projection space to offer a unique view on the world of beer and its origins.

The idea that is there behind the Stiegl Brew cinema was send to them visitors to a trip to them origins of the beer of the Stiegl with images of high resolution. The visitor is immersed in the world of beer and learns about the philosophy of the brand Stiegl in a multidimensional way and therefore uses the visual language and the development of animations.

This video is projected on a semicircular screen 24 × 4 meters, placed on the wall, and four projectors, offering a wide screen image. Four Full HD projectors of Panasonic they produce a combination of soft edges, with an overlap of 20%. The projection of the soil also consists of four images that overlap. For eight projectors of Hitachi wide angle lens allows to immerse visitors in the action since the projection Cup across the room.

The film's live-action, with a total surface of projection of 180 degrees with 3D animations, occurred in standard film of 5.5 K (Red Epic Camera). This achieves a quality of 5,120 x 2560 pixel, that is six times greater that the of television of high definition in terms of resolution. On the other hand, a wall of water, which you can start and stop manually, has been integrated and ignited in RGB colors to match the film.

Toda la instalación se controla de forma centralizada utilizando Wings Touch y Avio. Y, desde aquí, se realiza la evaluación automática y visualización de la información de estado de los equipos, como las horas de la lámpara y los mensajes de error.

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By • 15 Nov, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Projection

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