The Spanish company Indra will present its proposal integrated and integral Urban Platform for Smart Cities Management and Safety in Smart City Expo World Congress 2013, which takes place from the 19th to the 21st of this month in Barcelona, and its technologies for security, e-Government, smart urban transport and energy efficiency.

Indra Emergency Center

The third edition of Smart City Expo World Congress, that is held this week in Barcelona, will be with the active participation of the multinational of consulting and technology Indra and his comprehensive proposal for the challenges of the future cities, focused on an intelligent urban platform: Indra Urban Platform for Smart Cities Management and Safety.

This platform is the management of the Smart City Centre, since it facilitates the exchange of information between the various systems of the city and offers a complete vision of the same activity to tailor the services to the real needs of the citizens.

Indra Smart CitiesThis comprehensive and integrated proposal complemented with innovative technologies for energy efficiency, smart and sustainable urban transport, security and e-Government, among others, developed with two different and convergent approaches.

In this sense, this solution is based on the system Hermes by Indra which facilitates the management of mobility, public transport and urban infrastructure, applying concepts such as priority and intermodality to make more efficient and sustainable mobility in cities. As well as in the solution of integration and management of information in the smart cities Sofia 2, developed from the European project of r & d Smart Objects For Intelligent Applications (Sofia) in which Indra has participated, and which has now expanded with entrepreneurial skills.

Indra has transfer is based on the experience gained in this field to the city of La Coruña, in which a consortium of companies and institutions coordinated by this company is developing in the Galician, Sofia 2 based on city, which will be the first comprehensive platform of Government of a smart city in Spain.

In this event, Indra will have of a space in the so-called Smart city square; a reproduction of a city so the companies can show their technologies in a real environment, where you install a digital kiosk that visitors to obtain a personalized card smart and interact with your solution of intermodality. This smart card is based on RFID technology and its objective be the key of access to services that require identification.

iSafety: emergency management

Indra Barajas airport

In security, a critical environment for company in the smart city, Indra will show two positions control and dispatch with iSafety, your solution for the integral management of emergencies and incidents of security in cities, which uses the information collected by the different systems and smart sensors deployed by the city to improve the effectiveness of the actions of the security forces.

This platform allows you to have a vision of "single-incident" of the various notices and proceedings relating to the same incident, resulting in a coordinated, rapid and effective response between different emergency services, which is installed in the integrated Center of Madrid (Cisem) emergency and safety and in the unique centre of coordination and emergency (CUCC) of Buenos Aires.

Indra project ZigamitAnother contribution of Indra in this competition is the solution Zigamit, developed with Gas Natural Fenosa, for monitoring and control of energy consumption and comfort of home services, with which two projects are currently with real users in Madrid and Barcelona.

To this Smart Agent adds a virtual tour consultant or expert system intelligent services makes recommendations and interacts with tourists based on user preferences and other variables such as weather or activities it has conducted, and the app for tablet iConsejo, directed to boards and collaborative environments steering equipment that allows access to documents and reports that managers need real-time and completely safely.

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By • 18 Nov, 2013
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