Bosch Security Systems has developed the range 960 H, analog solution for high definition video, consisting of cameras, lenses, digital recorders and monitors, which capture more pixels by target object.

Bosch Security 960 H

The German multinational Bosch Security Systems It has developed a new and complete range of products - 960 H-, that capture more pixels by target object to a resolution of 720 TVL sensor, to date the highest for PAL and NTSC standard.

Composed of cameras video surveillance, lenses, digital recorders and monitors, Bosch Security provides to its customers a complete solution of 960 H surveillance for each analog application, which also includes affordable products for smaller applications, as well as higher performance systems to respond to the image and each client's budget requirements.

960 H image sensors serve as bridge between high-definition and resolution standard, ideal solutions to capture small scene details, since they can produce video images with 30% more resolution than the previous generation analog sensors. Customers can choose a solution 960 H full this company or integrate the products into existing systems to capture more details.

Bosch Security 960 HAs explained by Tom Verest, product manager of Bosch Security Systems, "there is a huge amount of infrastructure of analog video worldwide, and new systems will continue to install every day. "With a catalog full of products 960 H, we allow current customers to easily upgrade their systems, while we offer to new better analog picture quality".

960 H range cameras include new Dinion series 4000 and 6000, as well as models FlexiDome 5000, to offer the best quality of analog image and most popular functions such as Bilinx technology for verification of status of the camera; the change of configuration and carrying out other functions through the video cable.

Guests will also find in this proposal AN camera range bullet 4000, with solutions for all distances, as well as the discrete, economic, design AN microcameras 1000 micro and Bosch security systems micro 1000. Furthermore, a wide range of camera AutoDome inside and outside, which provides more profitable moving 960 H camera solution up to now on the market.

The new recorders digital Bosch Divar, four, eight and sixteen channels, provides all the benefits of the latest high resolution 960 H cameras. These systems capture and display images in high resolution 960 H at speeds of up to 30 fps in all channels.

Bosch Security 960 HDivar range also supports recording in CIF and 4CIF, 2CIF resolution for its compatibility with older cameras from Bosch Security and other manufacturers. It features also the latest H.264 compression G.711 to reduce requirements for bandwidth and storage up to 50, without decreasing the quality of picture and audio.

These recorders are systems reliable and easy-to-configure for real plug-and-play installation. Customers can view the images from anywhere with the included client software, a web browser or through applications that are compatible with a wide range of mobile devices.

Esta propuesta se completa con la familia de monitores 960H LED UML, específicamente desarrollados para cámaras de seguridad, con una reproducción de imagen precisa, consistente y alta saturación de color.

Todos los productos de la gama de vídeo 960H, disponibles ya para su comercialización, cuentan con una garantía de tres años y están respaldados por un servicio al cliente de la compañía y otras ofertas de apoyo.

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By • 20 Nov, 2013
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