Sony has reinforced its ecosystem of products for the healthcare environment and its workflow with the new 3D display of high performance LMD-3251 MT, systems that are adapted to each phase, from prediction and diagnosis, to surgical intervention, presented in Medica2013.

Sony LMD-3251MTThe Medica2013 contest, which has today opened its doors until next November 23 in the German city of Dusseldorf, has the active participation of Sony (hall 10, booth G57) and a full range of imaging systems for each stage of the medical workflow.

The ecosystem of images from Sony that is exposed in Medica2013 aims to "improve the quality of life of the patient, at the same time that assists radiologists, surgeons, consultants, auxiliary staff and students".

The latest generation of medical devices of the company complies with all medical standards, and also reflected the main trends of the industry, as the miniaturization of printers to facilitate their integration and portability at that point of care.

Sony LMD-3251MTOne of the innovations in this regard is LMD-3251MT, a monitor full HD 32 inch and high performance for medical use, which connects to a 3D camera system and shows smooth pictures in high resolution, you can see through the use of passive polarized glasses.

Resolution 1.920 × 1. 080p and a panoramic LCD active matrix TFT a-Si, surgeons and medical personnel can capture and appreciate stereoscopic high resolution images. The monitor is also practical for other environments where a high quality 3D view is required, as in queries, clinics, conference rooms and training classrooms.

Sony also shows in this competition, although it is not a specific product for the medical sector, its display 4 K system, which brings together images from various sources high quality, even on big screens. In addition, the company will be a technical vision display multiple, which shows how a segmented high-resolution screen, monitor or projector can be used to display videos and presentations, with a combination of camera inputs, files, video, etc.

Explains Christophe Gauthier, head of medical strategic marketing of Sony Europe, "in medical 2013, we show how our innovative technology improves the quality of patient care during each phase of the journey, ensuring a comprehensive assistance to the medical profession." "We have gathered all our experience in images for professional applications and broadcast, obtained over the past decades, and we have created our division for medical applications, such as our systems Oled".

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By • 20 Nov, 2013
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