The Spanish consulting of it Quality Objects is developing the project Retriever, consisting in the creation of a prototype of glasses of augmented reality for people with visual disabilities full and partial, as complement advanced to the cane or dog guide.

The Retriever project of the technological consultancy Quality Objectsin the context of r & d of the plan Avanza I d of the Ministry of industry, has as objective the development of a prototype of hearing smart glasses (equipped with sensors and augmented reality technology) to people with reduced or no visibility that would complement the cane or dog guide who normally used in their day to day, helping to turn obstacles into sounds three dimensional that guide them to avoid them and improve their integration.

These glasses provide people with visual impairment (using tones and frequencies) sound information from your nearby environment and the barriers hindering their full integration with the same, like stairs and steps, doors and obstacles and objects of all kinds, with innovation that also incorporate an emergency stop button (24 × 7) that can be used easily in case of being disoriented or in danger.

These smart lenses are connected to a smarphone with Android (in brief is also available for iPhone) that integrates signals emitted by different sensors of proximity and translates them in indications of orientation and directionality (with GPS navigation on hearing augmented reality system), so that the user accesses guided itineraries sound, detectable by people with visual disabilities through headphones and vibrators.

The user thus has information to prevent, for example, branches at head height, avoid obstacles such as street lamps and trees, walking parallel to a wall, etc. and walk without having to use the cane.

The emergency button operation is equally simple, as you just press it for three seconds to communicate with the service center (24 × 7) to call the phone to give the necessary assistance or contact with emergency services.

Still a prototype, these glasses have already been successfully tested in several associations of blind people, as Foundation Retina Spain, Association of Myopia (amirs) or the Retina Association Asturias, and is expected to begin shipping in May 2014 at a price approximately 199 euros.

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By • 21 Nov, 2013
• Section: Accessories, Audio, Augmented reality, Bless you

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