Four are new models joining the family of Sony IP security cameras. The SNC-HM662 is a system with hemispheric 360 degree view, while models X SNC-XM632, SNC-XM636 and SNC-XM637 series are suitable for installation in buses and trains.

Sony SNC-HM662 SNC-HM632 SNC-XM636

The family of IP video surveillance cameras from Sony It has expanded with the SNC-HM662 dome and three new teams in the series X, SNC-XM632, SNC-XM636 and SNC-XM637.

The SNC-HM662 is an equipment with hemispheric 360 degree view which allows to obtain videos in high resolution of 5 megapixels, helps eliminate blind spots and improves the knowledge of the situation. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, whether shops, campus or commercial buildings.

Sony SNC-HM662The SNC-HM662 camera has an objective panomorfico of 360-degree ImmerVision, which provides greater clarity and resolution to the edge of the goal, while the technology used in the traditional objectives works best in the Center.

This Sony camera also has been optimized to maximize coverage of the sensor, which translates into a higher resolution when needed. These characteristics make it a choice suitable for panoramic overview. In addition, it has a fast and efficient function of pan, tilt and zoom-electronic (ePTZ) and 11 different display modes, via the web viewer for Sony.

The SNC-HM662 is designed to be used with VMS solution, allowing the correction of deformation or warping (correcting image distortion and straighten the image view). This function has the advantage of always having a complete vision of the recorded scene, regardless of the viewing live cut and increased zoom digitally in an area of interest.

The ePTZ functionality can be used to take screenshots and reproductions live, so that, thanks to the reproduction, even events that occur outside the live viewing can be reviewed.

The SNC-HM662 also supports two-way audio with a microphone and an optional speaker, power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and parallel local storage capabilities.

Sony SNC-XM632Minidomos IP Series X

Three new cameras that complete the series X are suitable for outdoors resistant minidome Full HD models. They are the first IP resistant Sony cameras with image stabilization and a built-in microphone technology, which makes them the ideal choice for vehicles such as buses and trains.

SNC-XM632, SNC-XM636 and SNC-XM637 cameras include the Ipela Engine EX platform that includes technology, wide dynamic range View-DR, XDNR noise reduction and frequencies of 30 frames per second in Full HD.

Sony SNC-XM636The SNC-XM632 complies with the standard ISO 16750 so it is recommended for surveillance in buses. It is also suitable for outdoor applications such as shops, banks and schools, where the compact format and the flat finish adapt to the environment of the facility.

The SNC-XM636 and SNC-XM637 are designed with different horizontal viewing angles (85 degrees and 115 degrees, respectively) and meets the EN50155 and EN45545 standards for surveillance in trains.

All X-Series cameras are classified according IK08 with vandal resistant and Ingress Protection (IP66) against water and dust protection acts.

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By • 21 Nov, 2013
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