Interactive monitors Shara Clevertouch range is the new line Charmex which has included in its range, including models ranging from 32 to the 84 ', with 2, 4 or 6 simultaneous touch points.

Charmex sells Shara Clevertouch

Charmex It has included in its range of solutions Clevertouch interactive monitors, manufactured by the British firm range Saharawhich integrates an extensive family of displays with formats ranging from 32 to 84 diagonal inches.

Sahara Clevertouch devices feature a 2, 4 or 6 touch points simultaneously, depending on the model, with the aim that can be up to six people can interactura at the same time.

The most advanced model of is line of monitors LED of Sahara, which distributes Charmex, Clevertouch Fusion, which with its 55-inch allows you to operate up to 32 touch points and is equipped with embedded computer and support motorized height and inclination, and can also be used as touch table or lectern.

Clevertouch monitors have been designed by Sahara both in the education market as corporate, and can be installed in classrooms, meeting rooms and small auditoriums.

Charmex, Miguel Sánchez, interactive systems Division responsible for justified given the wholesaler by Sahara bet important acceptance and market share that this manufacturer has achieved in the educational and business in Britain. "More than 50% of the market share of interactive monitors in the United Kingdom is currently in Sahara. The growing trend of recent years is leaving behind the Interactive Digital Blackboard (PDI), and has put in the foreground the interactive monitor in the classroom in this country. "We believe that interactive monitors will reach a market share much greater in a period of two to four years in Spain and want to be prepared with a manufacturer who holds more than half of one of Europe's most advanced markets in interactive technology for classrooms and company".

Charmex sells Shara Clevertouch Three software applications

Clevertouch monitors are supplied with three software applications: Clever Lynx, which performs the basic functions of document management in the line of an interactive whiteboard. WordWall, more oriented to the world of education, has more than 30,000 pre-programmed activities, offering a high level of dynamism with the user and allowing the teacher to build applications or games quickly and easily; and Display Note.

Display Note permite conectar estos dispositivos móviels, como tablet y smartphone, al ordenador que se muestra activo en el monitor. Esto posibilita la ejecución de presentaciones desde una tableta y proporciona la opción de que otros dispositivos conectados participen en la misma sesión, mostrando y/o modificando su contenido. Este software es compatible con todas las marcas y plataformas del mercado.

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By • 22 Nov, 2013
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