The stand that installed on Smart City World Congress simulating the environment of a City Hall where applied solutions of digital signage and a bar in which settled their online channel League; In addition to a video wall of 3 × 3.

Playthe.NET in Smart City World Congress 2013

Playthe.NET He attended Smart City World Congress 2013, which took place from 19 to 21 November in Barcelona, with their alarms digital solutions. Your stand they could see live demonstrations of the use of digital content emitted through screens in public places. This technology is the evolution of traditional posters and optimizes the impact, efficiency and the promotion of sales of products.

The stand of proposed an innovative design, which they called smartcity, representing a town hall. Another part of the stand simulating a bar that had the offer of channel League, a solution that involves placing in a bar in a screen 37 "next to the TV, placing both at the same angle. Thus, it is possible to view the advertisement issued on the screen at the same time that airs the football game or information, for example, on the TV. In addition, stand was installed a video wall of 3 × 3 which provided information of the products of the company.

Playthe.NET in Smart City World Congress 2013

Street this smart city that believe in its stand had a canopy that included one totem of the firm. A model 80 inch double-sided enables viewing of long-distance images, by highlighting other. solutions transform cities into smart cities, municipalities closer to citizens and keeping them continuously informed, boosting the economy of municipalities and taking profitability of innovation.

Playthe.NET in Smart City World Congress 2013

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By • 22 Nov, 2013
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