The Spanish company Droiders official Google Glass developer, has introduced the new model 2.0 of these smart glasses, incorporating a headset for applications hands-free and a more powerful processor.

Google Glass

Google Glass 2.0 is the second version of the prototype or smart glasses Google just introduced the company Droiders, Based in Murcia and official developer of the device, which incorporates a headset connected to the glasses to make, and hands-free through voice commands, all applications from a smartphone

The new version of the glasses has a very similar design to the first prototype, although Google has improved its ergonomics that can adapt smoothly prescription glasses users.

Julian Moreno DroidersJulian Beltran, engineer and CEO of Droiders, presented the second version of the Google Glass, which now incorporate a more powerful processor and recognize the user's voice through the vibrations of his larynx, as has been shown this executive, who It noted "functions as a smarphone, but without bow his head and manipulate it, but it has given us the hand that mobile had taken us."

The operation of Google Glass 2.0 is now much more simple and innovative: the glasses receive voice commands of the user and the request immediately projected on a small screen, its wearer can display on a higher plane of his eyes.

Another novelty is that this prototype also has applications for the visually impaired, as Droiders has developed software for reading and word recognition for these people; what will also soon add a game that will allow the user to interact with spaces and objects of daily life, this Murcian company is refining.

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By • 26 Nov, 2013
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