Developed as a hybrid solution for simultaneous IP and analog signals, the new FlexiDome HD network camera VR incorporates Bosch Security CBITs optimization technology company image.

Bosch Flexidome HD VR

The new camera IP FlexiDome HD VR Bosch Security Systems complete evolution in video equipment company, with features like a compact housing and vandal dome that allows the integration of different platforms HD image into a unified design.

In this regard, the German manufacturer stresses that, in addition to the increasing number of technical requirements to be met by video surveillance solutions, design considerations are equally important.

So Rob Bertens, product manager Bosch Security systems video explains it: "in recent years, Bosch has introduced a series of advanced high definition cameras that meet both requirements, and which represents the evolution in security products now completed with Flexidome IP HD VR, which is an important step forward in terms of design, quality of image ", ease of installation and operation".

For this reason, this camera offers a selection of modules of image: 720 p 60 for superior low-light performance, 1. 080p resolution full HD and 1. 080p HDR, even for the most difficult wide dynamic range scenes. The three modules make use of the same Bosch security systems design, which allows freedom of choice and aesthetics unified for video surveillance security systems.

Flexidome HD VR integrates technology Content Based Imaging Technology (CBIT), an innovation from Bosch Security that allows the intelligent optimization of the dynamic image. CBIT enabled cameras include two special modes: exhibition Intelligent Auto (IAE), which provides optimal data for objects of interest, in addition to the reduction of intelligent dynamic noise (IDNR), which reduces the need for bandwidth up to 30% in comparison with other cameras.

For easier handling, Flexidome HD VR is equipped with a lens of focal length variable automatic (AVF), which reduces almost to half the installation time, since from the control room can focus and adjust the zoom from multiple cameras at the same time in remote.

Bosch Flexidome HD VRThe AVF camera lens makes the most high resolutions available sensors with Bosch super resolution lens, which adds horizontal 90 ° camera vision a complete range of mounting options.

In addition to progress in performance and aesthetics, this camera offers a hybrid security solution, which is compatible with connections to devices and analog existing systems, including the flat-panel displays, and allows a gradual conversion of analogue systems to high-tech IP solutions.

The Flexidome HD VR camera works seamlessly with technology from Bosch transcoding, as it applies in Video Client, this manufacturer video management system, as well as their storage solutions. The user can view video streams from the iPad, browser or the free app Viewing Client of Bosch, an additional advantage to facilitate the management in facilities of retail, restaurants, casinos, airports...

Like the rest of the range of IP cameras and high definition, encoders and Bosh analysis systems, this model is compatible with Onvif and software and integrated third-party storage solutions. Program Integration Partner Program (IPP) of the company offers members immediate access to online tools to facilitate the integration of management and software recording, analysis of video, videowall and management in 'the cloud'.

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By • 27 Nov, 2013
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