A challenge to conventional projection screens is what will propose dnp denmark in its booth 2014. ISE also attend STS with its new Supernova screen and version 2.0 of InviziBezel.

dnp Supernova

Dnp denmark You will go to ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) 2014 to be held from 4 to 6 February in Amsterdam, with live demonstrations of its Supernova Blade screen. The aim is to highlight the difference between a conventional white projection screen and projection optics.

At its booth, you have two versions of its Supernova screen where you can view clear images and with much detail to show the features provided by both technologies. For its location, dnp denmark design an environment that realistically simulate a conference room where light levels can be controlled. Demonstrations for both teams will be made with the same projector and the same image sources.

Supernova's STS 2.0 InviziBezel

Dnp denmark también acudirá con las nuevas versiones de su pantalla Supernova STS y el InviziBezel LCD-cover. La pantalla Supernova STS está optimizada para los equipos de proyección ultra corta y proporciona una alternativa rentable a los displays planos que se encuentran en el rango que va entre las 80 y las 100 pulgadas. En la nueva versión, los niveles de contraste son casi idénticos, pero se han mejorado los ángulos de visión.

Visitors can also enjoy a redesigned InviziBezel (front optics for LCD panels cover) version. Version 2.0 of this innovative solution, still only available as a prototype, provides an almost perfect experience from wider angles of view.

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By • 27 Nov, 2013
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