Aopen Digital Engine technology provides strength and reliability that Offshore BMO needed for your solution Vessel Black Box, a tool that is installed on the vessels to analyze the behavior of the boat and its crew.

Offshore BMO It is an organization that offers consulting and analytics to owners boats that operate in areas of great winds around the Dutch wind farms. Its activity focuses on data and statistics, to provide detailed information on the performance of the crew or the journey of these vessels. And for this uses your solution Vessel Black Box that includes the Digital Engine of AOpen.

Information collecting the company allows them to its clients validate the performance and safety of ships and crews at sea, and improve processes to minimize risks in what can be a very dangerous conditions.

Offshore BMO sought a solution that could run the software analysis embarked, located on the boats of customers, to collect critical data on how behaves the boat in adverse conditions. This device should be sturdy enough to support, while it collects data, the violent clashes caused by the speed of the boat in an ocean very moved; and be capable also of handle many tickets of data from of multiple sources, as a sensor GPS, camera of HD and unit of control of movement, and, in addition, be capable of carry those knowledge to the cloud via a connection to Internet.

With many elements in operation, the global solution could be prone to periodic failures if its crucial component, the black box, experience pauses or breaks. He Digital Engine of Aopen was chosen for this solution by its resistance, capable of withstand the hard life in the sea, and its reliability at the time of send data reliable and periodic to BMO Offshore and to their customers.

Vessel Black Box with Digital Engine

The idea that lies behind the Vessel Black Box solution is to offer operators a system for monitoring the movement of the boat that can collect essential data to improve operational performance and safety on the high seas those vessels. The value of these data allows you to have a global knowledge of the boat and his crew with the global perspective of get a fleet and a staff more efficiently and effectively.

By measuring the movements and accelerations of the boats in all the degrees of freedom, working conditions are valued on an ongoing basis. Vessel Blak Box is an integral part of the BMO Offshore Services and is installed, operated and managed by BMO Offshore. It is also independent and sends the information directly and reliably without the need for any additional work by the ship's crew.

Taking advantage of the cloud, the data are collected and analyzed remotely, and at the end of each month, customers receive a full and detailed report.

Currently, Offshore BMO has for its devices Digital Engine DE67-HA solution, but the company soon will begin testing with the Digital Engine DEX7150, which is more robust thanks to its fanless design.

The DEX7150 is a device that provides a great energy efficiency. It is designed without fan for demanding or very sensitive environments where uptime is critical. Fanless, dust-resistant appearance, makes it quiet and reliable, being very different places suitable for instaar n. The DEX7150 supports also the 3rd veneration of the family of processors from Intel Core with bright images and a seamless computing experience. Thanks to its powerful CPU with integrated graphics HD4000, is considered one of the most powerful industrial devices.

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By • 28 Nov, 2013
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