ProMax has developed a new version of its Freeview-HD digital modulator, named in-206, which now integrates USB connection for playing files from any memory with this standard port.

Promax EN-206 USB

Manufacturer in-206 digital modulator ProMax It has a new version with USB connection, to facilitate the distribution of digital content in high definition (Freeview-HD) or standard-definition using the existing television and network with the ability to play files from any memory that has a standard USB port.

ProMax in-206 is available in virtually all the standards of distribution of digital signal in the world: DVB-T (terrestrial digital in Europe), DVB-C (digital cable in Europe), ISDB-T (terrestrial digital in Japan and South America) and ATSC (terrestrial digital in North America), which can be used in any corner of the planet.

Promax EN-206 USBThis system is installed at the beginning of the distribution network and connects the RF signal coming from the antenna, whether terrestrial or satellite, free or coded digital television signal, and the additional signal inputs which want to enter the network. The resulting signal to the output of the modulator is a combination of terrestrial or satellite digital signal with additional signals connected to the module.

This signal is that is injected into existing coaxial distribution network to get you to each monitor that is connected to RF outlets distributed across the network, so that all signals are accessible, as if it will be one channel more.

IN-206 has four inputs: HDMI; adapter type VGA (for composite video, CVBS input); Super - video (s-video) or component (YPbPr) video; an RF input and another for USB flash drives. Added to this is an RF output, whose combined signal is modulated in high definition and ready for distribution by coaxial network.

Promax EN-206The three inputs can be used simultaneously, and there is no limit to the number of connected to the distribution network monitors that can display signal injected by the modulator. If you need any more input sources several modulators in cascade, can be connected so that for each modulator added two new signal sources are connected.

Applications of Promax EN-206 are many both in a professional environment as domestic. In this sense, the company has used it in a shopping mall to promote a campaign of support to an NGO. The latter delivered a USB drive containing corporate video and that was directly connected to the modulator digital in-206.

The result for this is digital signage screens located at each of the entrances of the Mall are tuned into the channel of the pendrive, playing the video of the campaign of the NGO without any problems.

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By • 28 Nov, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals

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