New security cameras in network IP8364-C, IP8337H-C, FD8164, FD8164V, FD8137H and FD8137HV from Vivotek offer high image processing capabilities.

Vivotek IP66, IP8364-C, IP8337H-C, FD8164, FD8164V, FD8137H, FD8137HV

Vivotek It has expanded its line of network video surveillance cameras with two models of outside format bullet (IP8364-C and IP8337H-C) and four dome fixed for interior FD8164, FD8164V, FD8137H and FD8137HV.

IP8364-C and P8337H-C models are network format cameras bullet designed for various outdoor applications. IP66 compliant are prepared to withstand weather the rain, wind and dust. In order to reinforce its solidity, the mounting bracket includes cable management, specifically designed to protect the inside.

With a filter removable IR-cut, as well as Illuminators IR, effective up to 20 meters, these teams are able to adapt to the changing conditions of outdoor lighting, providing superior image quality throughout the day. The IP8337H-C comes equipped with the technology WDR Pro, which allows a high visibility in environments of high contrast.

For his part, FD8164, FD8164V, FD8137H and FD8137HV cameras are built in format dome fixed and are designed for indoor applications. They are equipped with technology of noise reduction 3D, a feature that helps to reduce the bandwidth of the sensor noise during video capture, clear and bright in low light conditions. They also include IR-cut filter removable and Illuminators for enhanced infrared, effective up to 15 meters.

“En Vivotek invertimos en I+D y trabajamos por la optimización de la calidad de la imagen y el desarrollo en alta resolución. Con el filtro IR-cut removible, la mejora de iluminadores infrarrojos, la tecnología WDR Pro y la reducción de ruido 3D, nuestra nueva línea de cámaras es la opción idónea para los usuarios que desean la mejor calidad de imagen”, comenta Steve Ma, executive VP de Vivotek

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By • 28 Nov, 2013
• Section: Networks, Security

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