The multinational technological Indra has reached an agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA) by which will host at its facilities in San Fernando de Henares, in Madrid, the main center of processing and file images of the Sentinel-2 mission, which stored about 1,000 terabytes of new images a year.

Indra satelite

The contract between Indra and the European Space Agency, with which the Spanish technological company strengthens its position as the operator of centers of processing satellite imagery and its portfolio of solutions and services in the space sector, is part of the 'Copernicus' programme, with which Europe will provide targeted Earth observation capacity to serve the needs of different users.

Indra sateliteIndra makes available satellite Sentinel Centre processing and file, located in the facilities that the company has in the town of Madrid's San Fernando de Henares, which will enter into service in September of 2014, coinciding with the launch of the Sentinel-2, which may be extended later to manage the second satellite data, Sentinel-2B, to be launched to space in 2016.

These satellites, polar-orbiting, will capture high resolution images in thirteen bands, in visible and infrared, with a useful about seven years, respectively, although they are ready so that you can extend up to five years more.

Indra sateliteIndra is also responsible for long-term data storage, and expected every year to be archived up to 1,000 terabytes of new images to be stored in the CPD of San Fernando de Henares, which currently has 5,000 square meters and offers a percentage of service without interruptions of 99.98%.

Based on the information extracted from the images, the company can offer high value-added services in national and international projects that require data related to the environment, agriculture, land use, urban, security and emergency systems, management of water, etc.

The team specialized in Indra's Earth observation will be responsible for the management and operation complete the Centre, including the processing of images and their distribution to users, a line of business that the company strengthened last year after closing an alliance with RapidEye to access its constellation of five satellites.

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By • 29 Nov, 2013
• Section: Distribution signals, Infrastructure, Production, Security

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