Diji-Touch is a vending machine that combines the vending with dynamic advertising and so incorporates a touch screen of 46 '' Samsung, Microsoft's Kinect sensors, readers NFC and digital signage holdings cloud platform.


Mondelez International He has announced that it will begin deployment in the United States of its machine interactive food vending Diji-Touch in hospitals, schools and universities, as well as other great affluence of public locations such as museums and public transportation stations. The objective is to promote and sell different brands like Oreo or Sour Patch Kids and this will, this year, to install 1,500 machines.

Diji-TouchThe promotion of brands will be both endemic, with products that are introduced into the machine, as no endemic through different interactive experiences that will tempt consumers to interact with Diji-Touch screens.

Diji-Touch vending machine interactivity is offered through a 46 inch touch screen of Samsung a accompanying motion Kinect sensors of Microsoft and NFC readers.

Screen lets the user select touch form product that wants to buy and while it concludes the purchase, either with cash or credit card, and leave the product, displays information products with moving container 3D images. Also when no one is interacting with her, the machine shows animated ads and also allows advertisers to insert dynamic advertising campaigns that provoke interaction with the users for which include different experiences of gamification.

I.e., the machine is prepared for show ads advertising of flow in it part upper of the screen while a consumer is performing your buys, and show ads to screen full when nobody it is using.

It is a machine that serves a double purpose: serve as a support to promote sales of products incorporating and provide a secondary source of income from commercials that inserted the vending operators.

Diji-TouchCloud content management

For the administration of them content that is displayed in the screen of Diji-Touch, Mondelez International selected it platform cloud of signaling digital LLC of Holdings.

The BroadSign X platform was originally designed as a management system for media companies that perform applications out-of-home. However, it is now considered a safe and reliable software for all kinds of digital signage experiences.

Michael Miller, director of Foodservice Marketing Mondelez explains that selected BroadSign software because "it is compatible with the interactive features of Diji-Touch and allows you to create unique connections with consumers."

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By • 1 Apr, 2014
• Section: Control, Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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