PosterDigital is a solution for digital signage, specially designed for the hotel industry, which is based on open standards and incorporates HTML5 players.

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Signage It is introducing a new version of its PosterDigital digital signage solution in the International Hotel Technology Forum (IHTF) 2014, an international event, attended by directors from the five continents, which has opened today has opened its doors in Barcelona and that runs until April 3.

PosterDigital is a product specifically designed for the hospitality industry, which has been designed according to open standards (XML, SVG, JavaScript and PHP) and allows you to create content without limiting the hardware to a certain creation / distribution platform. "The use of open standards also provides a guarantee for the stability of the system and allow organic growth projects," indicates Gonzalo Marcos, responsible for business development of signage.

Also, and in line with the key trends in this market, signage has introduced its solution PosterDigital HTML5 players not based on PC, in addition to raising achievement, have a lower cost and represent a lower energy consumption. The company continues also to innovate in key areas as new formats (videowall, curved, transparent screens...), connection with Arduino boards or expert systems, and advanced interaction capabilities with the use of next-generation interfaces such as touch screens, capture image or gesture recognition.

According to Marcos, "interaction capabilities are clearly one of the aspects which plays in favour of Digital Signage. "Today is possible deploy content that drive to the action and is feasible an interaction experiential and viral if is incorporate them second screens-mainly smartphones and tablets- and technologies as reality augmented, to establish a relationship direct between the device of the user with the screen or the videowall, without forget the potential associated to the integration of them networks social".

References of signage in Spanish hotels include the Hotel InterContinental in Madrid, which has deployed an infrastructure of digital signage comprised 20 screens: 13 distributed in the meeting rooms that facilitate their identification by attendees and in which inflates contents customized according to the event. Four others in the area of lift with functions of directory to help guests orient themselves, and two more than support the work of Concierge (meteorological information, cultural and leisure.) and internal communication, respectively.

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Sector hotel the more active in DS

For signage, the tourism sector, and specifically the hotelier, is one of the most active in the implementation of digital signage or digital signage solutions currently. For this expert in web and mobile development, and digital signage company, pursuing the hotel establishments with these solutions aims to achieve greater efficiency in the provision of services, enhance the guest experience and provide information relating to the environment and the supply of services or third parties.
En este sentido, y según estima Tecnilógica, la implantación de una infraestructura de señalización digital puede incrementar la venta media durante la estancia de un cliente entre un 15 y un 30 %, tal y como ya ocurre en el sector retail.

Según Gonzalo Marcos, “cada pantalla se convierte en un nuevo canal comercial contextualizado, un lugar donde presentar servicios y promociones actualizados en todo momento, que ayudará a aumentar la venta media por cliente, colaborando con el personal de recepción del hotel para reducir los tiempos de espera”.

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By • 1 Apr, 2014
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