The 10.3 version of cloud holdings X digital signage software incorporates video analysis solution in real time of Quivid which allows you to pick up the impact that an ad campaign can have on a particular public.

Holdings X

Holdings International has included the platform of measurement of audiences of Quividi version 10.3 of its cloud holdings X 10.3 digital signage software. The integration of it technology Quividi will allow pick up the impact of the audience and incorporate it to them reports. Also, will be possible generate content personalized according to certain criteria and direct them campaigns to a public determined, what will allow that the ad is suits to them features demographic of the audience and that this is possible generate it in time real.

Holdings X

"Audience measurement system based on Quividi has intended to make the point of sale and marketing strategies out-of-home are more precise and adapt to the digital format that will be used," explains Olivier Duizabo, co-founder and CEO of Quividi.

Quividi platform provides a tool for analyzing video in real time that helps media owners, retailers and manufacturers to understand how bystanders can engage with a digital medium, allowing audiences to classify. Using the latest recognition technology, offers comprehensive metrics Quividi viewers as the number of real users, service time and stay, disaggregated by sex and age groups. And this totally anonymously without having to record personal data or image.

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By • 2 Apr, 2014
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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