The singer-songwriter and dancer Brazilian Anitta has counted with them systems of lighting of Robe, in concrete of its line Robin, for the recording of their first DVD in the HSBC sand of river of Janeiro, after the success international of its theme ' Show das powerful ', according to the project made by Pablo Apple Produções and Spectrum Iluminação.

Rob Anitta photo Arthur Carratù

The design of the first DVD of the singer-songwriter and dancer Brazilian Anitta, all a discovery world after the hit of style funk "Show das powerful", has counted with the participation of them companies local Pablo Apple Produções and Spectrum Iluminação, which combined resources to provide equipment of top for Carlos Nogueira lighting systems design of Robe.

A wide variety of moving lights of Robe, all belonging to his Robin line was used for the recording of this first DVD of Anitta, performed at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro. In particular deployed 76 luminaires Pointe; 36 MMX WashBeam; 34 model LEDBeam 100; 24 LEDWash 1200, and 40 LEDWash 600 systems.

Rob Anitta photo Arthur Carratù

In addition to taking into account the participation of dancers, some scenes with actors, an elaborate set design created by Zé Carratù and an automated scenario, the biggest challenge for the designer Carlos Nogueira were the established times and positioning to create a total interaction between artists and the stage.

To achieve this, this designer decided to mount the Pointe systems in three structures in line on the roof of the stage, forming a kind of extended V. The MMX WashBeam were used for the lighting front of all the artists present on stage and the audience, while the 100 LEDBeam were deployed around the audience in a structure of 2 meters of height.

Rob Anitta photo Arthur Carratù

LEDWash 1200 systems were also distributed by the Auditorium from the HSBC Arena in order to provide lighting on the track and the stands of the public, which complemented with LEDWash 600 to cover the lighting on the stage and the dancers.

As explained by Carlos Nogueira, "Rob systems interacted very well with the scenery and the dynamics of the show. "The performance general of those devices was optimal, since them Pointe contributed effects excellent, gobos, etc., and them MMX WashBeam have a wonderful option of blades with which could illuminate all without spills in the scenario".

Rob Anitta photo Arthur Carratù

Working with a stage in constant motion and with projection mapped on scenic parts, as noted by this designer, gave him the opportunity to include all the Visual elements, making cuts with the beams so that the projections were seen without concealing the artist. As regards them dancers, their option was working with much color and good levels of light in all moment for them cameras, with a temperature base of 5600 K.

Nogueira, who also was in charge of the direction of photography during this recording ensures that the result has been excellent. In this sense, part of the preset is carried out in the study of this designer, with Vinicius Costa as Assistant, and the rest in the place of the filming during the mounting of the equipment, made by Apple and Spectrum

A grandMA2 full console was used to control size and a grandMA2 light, as well as two MA NPU. The direction of video and the show, run by Raoni Carneiro, featured three LED screens, one in the center of the stage and two in each of its sides, behind the band, with content created by Arthur Carratù.

Rob Anitta photo Arthur Carratù

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By • 2 Apr, 2014
• Section: Cases of study, Display, Lighting, Production

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