Innovation, education and employment are the main issues of the edition of HackforGood 2014, which opens at the headquarters of Medialab-Prado in Madrid until April 5 will connect more than six hundred solidarity hackers in eight Spanish cities to develop applications and projects to service of society.

Medialab Prado HackForGood2014

Medialab-Prado It is the seat of HackforGood 2014, which in its second edition meet until April 5 to over six hundred web developers and designers to work simultaneously to develop the best and innovative technology proposals on education, social innovation and employment, the three main themes of this year.

This hackathon, whose inauguration is borne by the multi-instrumentalist and composer Giron, who will perform live at the headquarters of Medialab-Prado in Madrid, aims to bring together for three whole people the technology environment days musician, programming and design with professional social world to work on solving social challenges.

Medialab Prado HackForGood2014Todos ellos trabajarán conjuntamente, día y noche, para resolver alguno de los más de noventa retos planteados sobre educación, empleo e innovación social, cuyas mejores propuestas tecnológicas, aplicaciones y proyectos tendrán premios locales y nacionales. Entre ellos, destaca el premio FI-Ware–HackforGood, con una dotación de 2.800 euros y un acceso directo a la fase final del Smart Society Challenge’ de FI-Ware que tendrá lugar en Campus Party y en la que se repartirán 200.000 euros entre los proyectos ganadores, así como los premios HackforGood 2014, que repartirán 4.000 euros a la mejor propuesta a nivel nacional.

There will also be eight awards (one for each participating city) to the best local projects. MedialabPrado also awarded a special prize for the best proposal to use its digital façade, located in the Plaza de las Letras in Madrid.

Medialab Prado HackForGood2014In this regard, the convening of Madrid has completed the 250 places available for this participation at the headquarters of Medialab-Prado, where both the opening and the round tables and the seminar to be held these days are open to the general public as well as the awards ceremony, which will take place on Saturday April 5th, from 17 hours.

HackforGood 2014 has been opened to also involve younger with Hack4Teen, a "garage entrepreneurs' for fifty children and young people between 8 and 18 years organized by Promise Foundation, which will take place on April 5th, and where experience and groups know what social entrepreneurship through techniques 'design thinking' and may generate a prototype of the project with available technological tools (3D printers, software and Scrath, etc.).

Medialab Prado HackForGood2014Además de Madrid, este hackhathon se celebra en Barcelona, Bilbao, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gijón, Sevilla, Valencia y Valladolid. HackforGood es una iniciativa promovida por Telefónica; la ETSI de Telecomunicación de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; Fundación Hazloposible, y la startup MashmeTV, con el apoyo de la Red de Cátedras Telefónica y Medialab-Prado.

All winners of this edition will be invited to join the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Telefónica, called Open Future, and will give continuity to your project and benefit from the programs of the company in training and mentoring as well as getting additional funding for developments, increase your networking, etc.

In organizing HackForGood also involved the Confederation of Schools of Art and Design; the School of Design and / s / d Madrid; the CSEV Foundation and d3 study. The program has the support of sponsors comoGigas, Videolean, Projeggt, Starbucks, Wayra, Telefónica Think Big Foundation, Foundation and Medialab-Prado promises.

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By • 3 Apr, 2014
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