In a spectacular collaboration with Italian illusionist Alexis Arts and The Projection Studio, the video artist Ross Ashton has achieved his second Guinness World Record with 3D videomapping 'Largest card reveal illusion' made during the e-Luminate 2014 festival recently held in the English town of Cambridge.

Projection Studio Second World Record Danilo WR

Described as "officially amazing" by members of Guinness World Records, the 3D videomapping 'Largest card reveal illusion', held at the facade of the chapel of Sidney Sussex College, of 128.25 square meters, during the e-Luminate festival 2014 held in Cambridge recently, has managed to break into these awards.

The Projection Studio This project was created for the English city with Ross Ashton, renowned artist of large-format projections in collaboration with the Italian illusionist Alexis Arts, which has resulted in an amazing and magical 3D videomapping front of a live audience not only projected effects video and animations, but ended with the participation of two members of the public who chose a card deck of poker, and found out that the illusionist is reflected on the facade with a giant projection.

Projection Studio Second World Record Danilo WR

By Ross Ashton expressed desire for this great projection choreographed five minutes, a single projector signature was used Panasonic 17K mounted on a tower built especially for this event, in front of the building in the rear garden of the chapel.

"It's a specific projector for its brilliance and reliability in a compact size, ideal for creating the atmosphere of illusion when the card chosen by the audience, which have also been supported by Panasonic during the twelve days of discovered e- Luminate, "said Ashton, who this year has also been the artistic director of the festival.

Projection Studio Second World Record Danilo WR

The end result has been that Ross Ashton also achieved a second time Guinness World Record for his work.

This video artist got his first world record in 2012 with the project 'The face Britain', with a projection made on the front of Buckingham Palace in London, which created a giant canvas 32 animated portraits of the Queen of England and 201 948 self-portraits by children from across the UK, which were examined in detail by members of Guiness World Records certified as individual works of art.

Projection Studio Second World Record Danilo WR

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By • Apr 9, 2014
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