LED Dance Floor is a screen with LED technology from the Spanish supplier Tecco specially designed for installation on the floor, that can be configured as a videowall, since it resists up to 2,000 Kg and all conditions for applications both interior and exterior in fixed or temporary installations.

Tecco LED Dance Floor

As part of the solutions of communication digital dynamic that develops the firm Aragonese TeccoLED Dance Floor is a new screen with LED technology that incorporates your digital content management software Aracastthat includes integration with interactive systems and HTML5 objects, which can be mounted to floor and configured as videowall.

Tecco LED Dance FloorThe display LED Dance Floor is particularly suitable both for fixed applications, such as corporate receptions, multi-purpose rooms, museums, Studio,... as temporary, trade fairs and exhibitions or for rent in all kinds of events, available in various sizes of pixel (P5mm, P6.2mm, P8.9mm, P10.4mm, P12.5mm, P17.8mm and P20.8mm) to adapt to the needs of each client.

Con protección IP 65, resistente al agua, pisadas y antideslizante, LED Dance Floor soporta una capacidad de carga de hasta 2.000 Kg. por metro cuadrado, de tal manera que se puede mover un coche por encima de la pantalla. La pantalla está diseñada con cabinet de fundición de aluminio (con 13 Kg. de peso por cabinet), con unas dimensiones de 500x500x82 mm, y base de soporte de perfil de aluminio ajustables desde 72 a 101 mm. , aunque si el suelo no es uniformemente plano, es necesario ajustar niveles para que la pantalla se vea plana.

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By • 9 Apr, 2014
• Section: To fund, Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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