Tripleplay hand, PTS Consulting has implemented a network of screens of digital signage, IPTV connection, at its new headquarters in London. A scalable solution that is ready to expand into the rest of the offices that the company has distributed all over the world.

Tripleplay PTS Consulting

Creada en 1983 , PTS Consulting He is a consultant of TI and multimedia that provides managed, professional services and solutions of resourcing, with offices around the world. A company by the technology in its facilities.

Taking advantage of a change of location at its headquarters in London, PTS Consulting decided to reconsider the systems that were using internally and optimize their technology. And one of aspects that chose to renew its infrastructure of corporate messaging and communications, with the intention to start with the new location and extend it to the other offices in the future.

Tripleplay PTS ConsultingPart of this communications solution included the implementation of a network of managed and centrally-controlled digital signage screens that include the ability to show live TV through an integrated IPTV platform. And PTS Consulting chosen technology for the implementation of this project of TriplePlay. “Necesitábamos una solución que diera respuesta a las necesidades que planteaba la oficina de Londres pero que a largo plazo pudiera ser escalable para exportarla al resto de nuestras sedes. Tener la capacidad de añadir nuevas pantallas de forma rápida y rentable es algo que nos atrajo, así como la posibilidad de disponer de una plataforma única, gestionada desde un mismo servidor, que permite disponer tanto de soluciones de señalización digital como IPTV era un requisito importante”, explica Dan Watson, consultor de Proyectos de PTS.

Tripleplay platform has helped PTS to create a global media platform that serves their offices managed from one central location. The solution has been implemented in several locations PTS Consulting at Liverpool Street Office, with screens placed at the reception, kitchen staff, offices and meeting rooms.

In addition to strengthening the brand image of the company, the solution is used to receive guests, deliver internal corporate messaging and display television live in the areas of staff. It is also noteworthy that this digital signage network has been integrated into systems of managed services teams to show statistics and highlight the most relevant data, becoming an important tool in the day-to-day of the Managed Service from PTS Consulting division operations.

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By • 9 Apr, 2014
• Section: Digital signage, Display

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