Microsoft's Kinect motion sensor has managed in recent years to go beyond entertainment to be a fundamental element in the project of rehabilitation of patients with brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, as well as in the educational environment, with positive results of machinery collected in a study presented at the 8th World Congress of Neurorehabilitation.

Microsoft machinery

The study, carried out by the Basque Eugenia Epalza Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and the Department of Neurology at the University of Navarra, shows the validity and effectiveness of use Machinery during a period of continued time combined with traditional therapy in patients with multiple sclerosis. The results show a marked improvement in various functions, especially in static and dynamic equilibrium, the level of fatigue and the degree of functional independence.

Thanks to machinery, which uses the motion sensor Microsoft Kinectthe physiotherapist can schedule sessions that allow you to work affected different functions for each patient through nine games, not only for patients with multiple sclerosis but with other neurodegenerative diseases, neuromuscular and strokes, as Parkinson, brain damage, Alzheimer, Dystrophies and even senior citizens.

To the date, machinery has registered more than 5,200 sessions of game, with more than five hundred hours of game therapeutic performed with them patients, and has been endorsed recently by the society Spanish of Neurology (SEN).

Microsoft machinery

In particular, this prospective study was conducted with twenty multiple sclerosis patients twice a week for four months. 13% of them experienced an improvement in their level of functional independence (FIM); 40% favored positively its balance depending on the scale of Berg; 20% achieved an improvement in scale Tinetti, assessment of balance and gait, and 47% decreased their level of fatigue.

On the other hand, this study has allowed to obtain further interesting details, with improvements in their State and depression (27% and 13% of patients, respectively) according to the HAD scale that values these parameters. With respect to the game itself, 100% of the patients improved weather to end the games, an 86% increased their own score and 85% managed to increase in their percentage of hits on the targets.

Microsoft machinery

After analyzing all these data, the study concludes that machinery is an effective tool for the MS combined with traditional rehabilitation patients, and their results are presented these days in the 8th Congress world of Neurorehabilitation, from 8 to 12 April in Istanbul (Turkey), which brings together specialists in rehabilitation from all over the world and focuses on clinical practice , studies international, innovation and the main areas of Neurorehabilitation.

Actualmente, VirtualRehab cuenta con nueve juegos que permiten rehabilitar distintas funciones motoras a través de programas personalizados de rehabilitación física, con ejercicios destinados a rehabilitar los problemas de equilibrio y la falta de coordinación, los trastornos del movimiento y de la postura y los déficits motores, entre otros. El sistema sólo requiere una Kinect para Windows, y utiliza la tecnología de captura de movimiento para convertir al usuario en el actor principal de la rehabilitación, sin necesidad de ningún controlador. Cada sesión queda registrada en una base de datos, de manera que el fisioterapeuta tiene acceso a la información y seguimiento de cada paciente.

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By • 10 Apr, 2014
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