Fritz Hoderlein is now the new general manager of Everis in Spain. The firm has strengthened also its area of operations, Juan Yáñez, will lead while Alberto Ríos be responsible for the global commercial and José Pablo Carbonell will coordinate operations in Catalonia and Valencian Community.

Everis Fritz Hoderlein director Espana Foto Europa PressThe consultant everis He has made major changes in the direction of Spain and in their area of operations with the aim of promoting its commercial nationwide offer and in Latin America. Fritz Hoderlein (right image), so far responsible for the business of the company in Catalonia, will be the general manager in Spain, a post newly created who will play along with the direction of the Madrid Office.

In the area of operations, the responsibility lies with Juan Yáñez, who will have to unify all the offer of the company's value, rearrange the strategic accounts and boost capabilities and synergies that gives you part of the NTT Group Data.

Everis Juan Yanez operations managerAs noted Yáñez (pictured on the left), "the strengthening of the area of operations is a logical step in growth as a multinational consulting firm everis. Our integration in the NTT Data group will allow us to deal with large and complex projects anywhere in the world".

In its strategy of strengthening its operations, everis has also boosted its global commercial area, which passes to lead Alberto de los Ríos, until now head of the Madrid Office, with the goal of unifying the commercial offer of everis and NTT Data in all countries in which the consultant has presence.

For his part, José Pablo Carbonell, director of the office of Valencia and Murcia, in addition to these responsibilities the direction of Catalonia, where everis leads its expansion in Europe.

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By • 10 Apr, 2014
• Section: Business

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