During the day 33 of La Liga, one of the coaches will test the application developed by the LFP, Mediapro and the Catholic University of Murcia for Google Glass that displays real-time statistics party.

Mediapro LFP Google Glass

In order to bring the Spanish football at the technological forefront, the LFP (Professional Football League) MediaPro and the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) They have developed a native application for Google Glass (or weareable device), which allows the coaching staff of a football club to obtain statistical data you need both before and during the match.

An application that will be tested during the week 33 of La Liga. At this meeting, one of the coaches of the competition will be the first to use Google Glass, as a technical supplement.

The application uses the Mediacoach statistical system, developed by the LFP and technologically coordinated with Mediapro and allows game analysis and real-time data extraction of all parties. Clubs have all the information about your own game as well as the teams they will face during the season.

El objetivo de la aplicación es que los entrenadores y técnicos de todos los equipos de fútbol de la LFP tengan acceso a una serie de estadísticas seleccionadas sobre un partido en tiempo real, sin que se pierda de vista el juego en ningún momento. El técnico, sin perder atención al desarrollo del partido, podrá consultar las estadísticas actualmente diseñadas para esta presentación, agrupadas en cuatro campos: generales, construcción de juego, defensa y finalizaciones. Con un simple gesto con el dedo podrá cambiar entre estos grupos de estadísticas, manteniéndose en pantalla el grupo seleccionado con actualizaciones automáticas cada 30 segundos.

Both before and after each match, you can see these statistics, so that technicians can prepare their work and get complete game statistics.

This application was developed natively for Google Glass. It has designed an interface and functionality completely specific, so that the experience is intuitive and is integrated with the rest of Glass system. The glasses will be stored in advance statistics for previous game without consulting Internet, although if needed that are connected to the live operation and to receive data either via WiFi or Bluetooth.

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By • 14 Apr, 2014
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