Available in the Iberian market through Earpro, Manager enables Realtime Rack of Soundcraft any table of its series Vi has access to a complete library of renowned plug-in UAD Universal Audio via Madi.

Soundcraft Real Time VI3000 Rack

Realtime Rack is a DSP processor unit rack developed by Soundcraftable to process 16 channels with up to eight plug-ins each. Presented as a novelty in the stand of EarPro Afial 2014, where he was connected to the new direct Vi3000 digital mixer, this Manager allows that any series table saw can access, via MADI, a complete library of known plug-ins UAD of Universal Audio.

In addition, this unit also offers the ability to daisy chain up to four drives to get 32, 48 or 64 channels with the same Madi interface. Resistant and robust design, this system is geared towards live use, with redundant power supply and connection and power on the front panel status indicators.

With a connection to the table through the standard optical Madi Protocol, audio signals can be routed to and from the unit as inserts or loops of effects with a minimum latency of 2 ms (including compensation for internal latency for alignment of phase of multiple plug-ins per channel). In addition, an Ethernet connection allows to store in the table itself all assignments and active control settings of the plug-ins, such as Cue List of the tables Show I saw.

EarPro Afial2014 SoundcraftPlug-ins are controlled through a computer Apple MacBook or Mac Mini, via Thunderbolt Realtime Rack. Using a monitor touch outer can be more elegant and precise control that adapts perfectly with the workflow of the touchscreen Vistonics table. Alternatively, you can control the unit through an iPad, using a VNC client app standard, as iDisplay.

Among other advantages, the installation of the software Realtime Rack allows that them plug-ins that is used with it table are available also for the software DAW that is is using in the same computer Mac, through a unique connection Thunderbolt to this unit. The presets stored with the program of the Realtime Rack will be available within the DAW, allowing you to use plug-ins for the remix of a live recording without having to be directly with the mixing console.

Soundcraft Realtime Rack is available in two versions: Core, pre-configured with fourteen plug-ins classic Harman and UAD, and the Ultimate version, which includes 72 plug-ins with emulations of some legendary analog systems from companies such as Neve, Studer, Lexicon, Manley , etc.

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By • 14 Apr, 2014
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