With an innovative concept, the ANZ Stadium in Sydney, in Australia, has set up a system for concerts, which is attended by about 80,000 people, really powerful and completed with serious vibrant in this reverberant space with d & b equipment.

This idea, that audio engineers have put into practice with various levels of success for years, through delays located correctly, proper addressing of the arrangement and good alignment, now takes on a new dimension in a fixed installation, and especially with the magnitudes of the Australian ANZ Stadium.

As pointed out by Simon Davies, CEO of ANZ Stadium, "all enclosure that is well managed seeks to maximize its use and when it has already exhausted the potential of sport, should be considered another type of mass spectacles. The stadiums are often celebrate great rock concerts, and ANZ is no exception, and sound systems that bring these shows to our campus organizers are really powerful, but are intended for temporary use during the tours."

Installation fixed

The only moments in which this power systems are installed in stadiums is when large sporting events, like the Olympics, or in the case of this stadium, held when they held the Rugby World Cup or the big Australian rugby (NRL) League finals. "That was the case of the Games Olympic of London, in which had much impact the great sound of the ceremony opening, but these systems also are temporary-explains Davies-." So we wondered: why not install this type of system of mode permanent in the stadium ANZ and, also, get that is affordable? That is the task we set ourselves and I believe that we have achieved the two goals."

Both Davies and the team that manages the ANZ Stadium, under the direction of MD Daryl Kerry, had the luck that the Olympic Games of London sound system designer is Australian. "Scott Willsallen (author of some images of this news) began working in such facilities in the Olympic Games of Sydney and, over the years, he has collaborated with ANZ Stadium at special events that have been held here and that was used the previous sound system," says Davies.

Precisely the knowledge of the enclosure, as well as the objectives proposed by the ANZ team "allowed us to establish very strict specifications, and Willsallen or is unfazed. "The main constraint of those specifications was use them points of rigging pre-existing and all the infrastructure of cables of the system PA earlier".

Commitment to quality equipment

The main idea of the project, as summarizes it Davies, is that "we preferred to invest our money in the hardware of the new system infrastructure. Our customers do not value the infrastructure, they assume that will be good, but who live directly, i.e. sound, vision and comfort, have the utmost importance".

In the tender prepared Willsallen were invited to the eighteen best manufacturers of professional audio in the world. "The representatives of each of the brands expressed their interest in receiving our comments - remember Davies-. Look at its proposed initial and responded to our observations. In addition to the comprehensive process of study made by Stefan Goertz, Application Support for d & b in Germany, I also did a comprehensive approach to the installation process. It is normal that the installers forge relationships with specific brands of speakers, but that does not mean that the best Installer for the project is collaborating with the best manufacturer, therefore decided to separate them in the bidding process. So we got the best team and the best Installer".

Once the decision was made, Willsallen defined installation with precision, and over four hundred cases of d & b's ANZ Stadium ceiling speakers were hung in the final design. "System that finally settled was based on the system of in-line arrangement of average size of d & b, the V series, specifically models installation Vi8, Vi12 and Vi-SUB, and system is provided by the Australian Distributor of d & b National Audio Systems (NAS) and installed it Integrator The PA People", specifies.

Potential of the series V

Series V of d & b Simon Davies beat several important motives, not only for being that sounded better that day, how accurate: "when I started thinking about renewing the system at the beginning of 2012, Shane Bailey, director of NAS, suggested the new V series of d & b variant saw installation." "From the point of view of the requirements of the stadium, the speakers I saw presented several essential features, especially the fact that they are completely passive".

Given the restrictions of rigging points and pre-existing wiring infrastructure, "we had a limited eight-channel at each point circuit. Be passive loudspeakers mean that we could put more boxes in each position, which is a great advantage. Most of the arrangements cover 130 ° in the vertical plane, so it offers many advantages to be able to place more boxes. In addition, the two types of speaker of range full, Vi8 and Vi12, to 80 and 120 ° in horizontal, respectively, showed combine perfectly with them patterns General of them seats. In addition, the Vi-SUB cardioid is also passive, so if it fails a single box, there is no loss of the other SUBs cardioid behavior in that particular arrangement. "Only a circuit for powering two Vi-SUBs: is an elegant solution".

This new system was also submitted to several managers of the five sports federations who frequent the ANZ, to show them their strengths and potential, with a positive result. As Davies says, "the d & b system was the best choice. I'm not an expert, but the process of testing and presentation convinced, placed this system far above all others. Here are held about fifty sporting events a year, as at least six are full complete and a full third 35% capacity, so that all managers were very interested. For them, it is an added advantage to be able to communicate still more excitement to the game. What they have in common all sports is that people attend competitions because he wants to have a good time. When you can contact us directly through the system of high-quality sound that Scott has installed, we have a means of enhancing the fun and excitement. That is the Mission of ANZ Stadium and we believe that this is the future of the sport."

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By • 21 Apr, 2014
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