Ikusi MHD 201 modulator allows to send HD channels in DVB-T or IP format and simultaneously plays a video from a USB and an HD channel. A suitable equipment to respond to the needs of hotels, residential facilities, hospitals or buildings signal distribution.

Ikusi It has renovated its ClassA line with the new modulator of HDTV MHD 201, a team capable of trying different video and audio formats, to form a channel of high-definition output in Cofdmo in IP.

With the system MHD 201, Ikusi gives answer to the needs of distribution of signal of video in hotels, facilities residential, hospitals, buildings unique or installations of video surveillance with modulation of TV digital Cofdmo or IP.

The team has several types of inputs as two channels of analog audio and video, a video and digital audio in HDMI format channel and a channel of video and digital audio in HD-SDI format. In addition, also has two output modes: IP and DVB-T.

Also, the MHD-201 has a USB interface that allows playback of HD video from a USB memory so that any business can simply and economically, create your own advertising channel and information without additional equipment the modulator itself MHD 201.

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By • 21 Apr, 2014
• Section: Display, Distribution signals

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