The new National Museum of Oman has entrusted powers productions and the design of audiovisual and interactive elements that will complement the more than 7,000 pieces will be exhibited in its twelve rooms.

Powers Museum in Oman

Acciona productions and design It has been awarded the design of the National Museum of Oman, with an amount of 18 million euros for their realization which is the largest project of the company in Asia.

National Museum of Oman, whose inauguration is scheduled for the last quarter of this year, will have an area 4,000 square meters, distributed in 12 rooms, where will be located more than 250 exhibitors that will be exhibited some 7,000 pieces that make reference to the history and traditions of the omani people. This collection is contextualize with many interactive and audiovisual elements whose installation will be activated, will bring a playful approach to the visit to the Museum.

In addition, the Museum will have a temporary exhibition room, a store that you can visit, conservation room and a classroom for children.

Powers Museum in Oman

The audiovisual elements that will be installed at the museum include projection 'Oman in history' that Acciona has filmed in ultra high definition"(four times the usual HD quality) and that will be projected on a screen of 8.3 megapixel in a theatre located in the Museum. This audiovisual aims to show the history of the country, summarizing the main themes addressed in the exhibition which covers a wide chronological period and includes the filming of aerial images.

Within the concept of 'Social Innovation' Acciona Productions and Design includes in all its projects, the National Museum of Oman will be adapted for people with special needs can also enjoy the exhibited heritage, which will make it the first museum adapted to sightless Middle East and the first museum accessible for disabled Oman.

Powers Museum in Oman

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By • 22 Apr, 2014
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Projection

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