The Spanish company signs and Rotuloselectronicos.NET led screens has unveiled a new system of dynamic digital advertising that implies one step further for commercial promotion, to break with the communications static and simple traditional pharmacy crosses, watches or businesses temperature markers to incorporate complex audiovisual messages.

Rotuloselectronicos NET

Rotuloselectronicos.NET, brand of the Grupo Digisoft dedicated to the distribution and sale of electronic neon signs of leds for information and publicity, it has developed a new system of bright streamers led to dynamic digital advertising, described by its makers as "pioneer in Spain, since incorporated into the small trade advantages of the led screens, from which can emit videos, photos, texts, graphic animations ", etc., in line with the television screens".

The new commercial signs of led Full Color that are now sold on the Spanish market aim to become "in the main claim visual retail trade, that can go to the passerby with dynamic messages and more complex surpassing activities as the name of the company or the logo illumination", according to the statement of this company...

Rotuloselectronicos NETWith bright banners of Rotuloselectronicos.NET leds it is possible to broadcast a video in real time on the activity of the company, present the latest offers and promotions of the establishment, or even explain the functioning of an item or service offered by the trade, which opens up new possibilities of promotion for the entrepreneur, it was before limited technologically and only could draw attention giving the time or temperature or , as much through a banner that blinks, change color, etc.

As designated managers of Rotuloselectronicos.NET, "it is increasingly more difficult to attract the attention of the potential customer, accustomed to new technologies and images and stunning videos. For this reason we have thinking about adapting to the passer-by audiovisual possibilities for other media through a convenient outdoor advertising support. "It's go one step further about what the market has to offer".

In addition, the contents issued by this advertising medium can be programmed remotely from a computer, designing different contents that can be issued randomly, according to business needs. Another of the advantages of these new Bright banners of leds is offering advertising dynamic from different angles, since if they are located in a corner of the public thoroughfare, it is visible from several streets at the same time.

In the latter case, Rotuloselectronicos.NET provides systems of double-sided in which reproduces the same message on both sides of the label, increasing your chances of promotion. Banners can have both sides of diodes or just one, enhanced with led backlight, which allows to reduce costs.

Innovative system of frontal opening

Rotuloselectronicos NET

As well as commercial signs of frontal opening, a system developed and patented by the Spanish company, banners are designed with a front opening that makes it easy to its technical management system. As perpetrators, "open a niche market in the sector of SMEs, which in addition to promote themselves in next-generation led screens, can self-manage their advertising through a content server and market this advertising space obtaining new revenues".

Rotuloselectronicos NETIn this sense, these commercial signs ensure a return on investment to increase its public dissemination and, even, represent a means of communication for other upcoming shops with which agreements are reached. In addition, the use of dynamic commercial labels allows update messages in real time over the Internet. Rotuloselectronicos.NET also offers the equipment maintenance, design and promotional video editing, management support by Internet and other personalized proposals.

This innovative outdoor signage allows fully integrate LED display on the front, eliminating unsightly setbacks and saving space. The system reduces maintenance front opening of LED screens overcoming technical handicaps that existed until now with screens.

Moreover, its slim and modular design offers flexibility in both the format and the size of the screens, making custom and high-resolution designs.

Rotuloselectronicos NET

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By • 25 Apr, 2014
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