Suitable for use in centres educational, applications of communication dynamic in trades and places public, as well as to make presentations and videoconferences in environments corporate, them monitors professional Sony W6 are available in formats of 40, 48 and 60 inches.

Sony Bravia W6

Professional monitors Sony BRAVIA W6 have been designed with resolution Full HD and ability to HTML5. These screen low consumption LED Full HD offer connections HDMI, D-sub 15-pin, USB and Ethernet and include a function of mirror screen for Smartphones or tablets. Users can connect to the Internet to run applications and view web pages through the built-in browser or can use the browser to play local cloud-based or audiovisual content.

The series W6 of Sony is available in format of 40 inches (FWD-40W600P), 48 (FWD-48W600P) and 60 inches (FWD-60W600P). They are a few equipment suitable for use in schools and to offer applications of dynamic communication in shops and public places, as well as to be used in the corporate environment, in meeting rooms, presentations and video conferencing.

The range of monitors professional Bravia W6 includes playback USB, control IP, control RS232C (with accessory optional), function mode hotel and communication dynamic HTML5, suitable for the web without specifying a player external. U-Touch overlays are designed to integrate in the Braiade Sony and become a six multipoint interactive monitor screen.

Bravia W6 series can access content by connecting to a PC via the D-sub connector or one of the four HDMI ports, directly from flash memory entries in any of the 37 formats of files or by using the function of image on screen that allows users to establish a Wi-Fi connection between the monitor and the Smartphones or tablets. Advanced processing of images Sony Motionflow XR plays on screen accurately the scenes of fast action videos or animations.

Sony Bravia W6 Ecological functions

Bravia W6 professional monitors include ecological functions that help to reduce the electricity bill.

The attenuation box intelligently adjusts backlight levels to save energy and monitor brightness is automatically adjusted to suit the ambient lighting conditions, reducing power consumption without sacrificing image quality.

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By • 25 Apr, 2014
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