The new management system of speakers Driverack PA2 of dbx, marketed in the Iberian market by Earpro, manufacturer optimizes a speaker system with sufficient speed and accuracy to obtain the best possible sound quality.

EarPro DriveRack-PA2

The PA2 processor developed by dbxavailable in the Spanish market through EarProIt is an ideal system for bands, musicians and artists who carry their own equipment and also for a wide variety of installations of sound, since that facilitates the configuration of a speaker system and its control in real time from a laptop or mobile device Android, iOS, Mac or Windows.

Regarding the first Driverack PA, which revolutionized the world of the bands audio systems, since it covered the entire groups needed between your mixer and amplifiers, protecting the speakers and optimizing their sound, with PA2 all these features have been enhanced.

In this sense, PA2 Driverack has a completely new configuration wizard that allows you to make adjustments faster and more easily, while the new AutoEQ offers quality touring Equalization and feedback (AFS) surge suppression assures a free sound of couplings in any room.

DriveRack PA2 can be adjusted and controlled from a smartphone or tablet, supported via Ethernet, using the free app Dbx PA2 Control App, where users have access to a series of setup menus from your mobile device or laptop. Graphics are color and show Visual indicators concerning the parameters you are adjusting. In addition, PA2 can be managed with the controls and the front panel display.

EarPro DriveRack-PA2

Among its wide range of configuration tools and system optimization, emphasizes the role of AutoEQ, for automatic and accurate Equalization of the speakers, based on the room in which it is installed, making a soft and more tailored frequency response. A new feature of cancellation of feedback (AFS) locates and cancels automatically any frequency that produces couplings. What additional functions of optimizing audio and system setting, as a graphic and parametric equalizer eight bands are added.

In addition to this Equalization of world-class dbx compression; a new entry delay module to dilate the front sound with respect to the backline; sub-armonicos of dbx synthesizer to achieve better bass response; a crossover network internal (for range of two- and three-way systems); alignment of speakers...

For Noel Larson, director of marketing Harman Signal Processing, "set a PA can be one of the greatest challenges of the proceedings live, especially for local and semi-professional musicians having to take it personally. However, Driverack PA2 makes the process fast, precise and relaxed".

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By • Apr 28, 2014
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