Unify communications and Polycom videoconferencing solutions have been chosen by the pediatric hospital Garraham to create an interhospitalario system of care and monitoring of patients to distance in Argentina, which already had been joined 158 centers, becoming the most important country telemedicine project.

Hospital Garrahan Argentina Polycom

Specializing in the care of children and adolescents, the Garrahan Hospital is the main public centre of these characteristics of Argentina. One of its main objectives is to act as reference centre for Pediatrics in this country, which has set up a communication network interhospital destined to the care and monitoring of patients to distance, as well as for the exchange of experiences and knowledge among the professionals.

To this end, those responsible have acquired videoconferencing solutions multipoint HD's Polycom as well as for communication of Unify (formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications), which have worked together to provide a complete solution for collaboration and communications to the Garrahan Hospital, as well as the tender for the development of this model of communication interhospitalario for attention and follow-up of patients away in Argentina.

Video RealPresence platform

Polycom videoconferencing hospital

Under the terms of the project, some 158 videoconference terminals, distributed both in the Garrahan Hospital and other regional centers have been installed so far. Moreover, one of the pillars of this interhospitalario model is video platform Polycom RealPresence, composed of different solutions of this provider, such as multipoint videoconference HDX7000-720 for Visual meetings with multiple remote locations connected.

RealPresence, standards-based platform integrates natively with unified communications solutions and allows up to 25,000 sessions with 75,000 devices in a single event of video, using up to 50% less bandwidth than other video platforms, according to the data provided by this provider.

Polycom videoconferencing hospitalFor his part, HDX7000-720 multipoint distributed by these hospitals system allows video calls and share content in high definition with up to four locations simultaneously.

Another fundamental part of the project has been the deployment of the system of unified communications portfolio, Unify Voice, as well as recording and streaming video of Polycom equipment, to record the sessions of videoconference so that both the Garrahan Center and the rest of connected hospitals has a library that can be used for optional training, review of the history of consultations of patients , reproduction of procedures medical, etc.

The implementation of this network interhospital offers significant advantages in immediacy, rapidity and quality of care to the patient, given the size and geography of the country, they will not have to move to other regions, since they will be attended via videoconference by medical specialists located in different locations, at the time that you can analyze and improve the diagnosis of complex diseases among clinicians.

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By • Apr 28, 2014
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