Agencies, advertisers and media owners make profits with programmatic technology. According to a study by Videology time in which you can place a custom printing, depending on the specific information about the user in an online video campaign, it is 0.36 seconds.

Programatica Technology

Programmatic technology automates the process of buying digital advertising through a combination of computer transactions, math, data and algorithms that improve outcomes and efficiency of large-scale campaigns.

According to an analysis by YouTubeand the time in which you can place a custom printing according to specific user information in an online video campaign is 0.36 seconds, which is the time between the click of a user on a specific URL and display particular ad based on the information available on it.

Programmatic technology can be used in an environment of real-time auction within a pricing model not guaranteed, as one of direct sales fixed price. The most common way of using programmatic technology is advertising auction in real time, or RTB. RTB employs automated auctions to sell prints to the highest bidder and makes printing printing.

This allows media owners to maximize their inventory of content and advertisers purchase individual impressions for your campaigns, at a price that reflects the value of each impression to the global campaign.

La tecnología programática hace posible la subasta de espacios publicitarios en tiempo real. En cuestión de milisegundos, el sistema pone a disposición de los anunciantes un contenido concreto, que va a ser visualizado por un usuario determinado, y se analizan todos los parámetros de las campañas disponibles, adjudicándose el espacio publicitario al elegido.

Agencias, anunciantes y propietarios de medios se benefician por igual de la compra real de inventario publicitario. Para las agencias es clave el aumento de control sobre las campañas, la eficiencia del gasto y la generación de mejores resultados para los clientes. Los anunciantes se benefician de contar con mejores herramientas para identificar a los usuarios adecuados para sus campañas, de un alcance y frecuencia de muestra de sus campañas más rentable y de la reducción del gasto que generan las campañas a precios fijados. Y los propietarios de medios obtienen mayores ingresos por su inventario de contenidos, al abrirlo a un mercado diseñado para maximizar el valor de cada impresión individual.

digital advertising campaign in 0.36 sg.

  • 0.08 seconds when the user clicks on a link, the media owner asks his ad server if there is any direct selling ads to show. If not, the server then makes a call to Ad Exchange
  • 002 seconds later, the ad exchange launches petition to demand platforms impressions (DSP)
  • 012 seconds after a user accesses the URL, each DSP connected to the exchange receives a report that includes the anonymous user profile in question, the category of the website and information on the page and their safety
  • 0.005 seconds after crossing the DSP target and budget rules and apply third-party data
  • 0.005 seconds after each DSP has already calculated the optimal price at which acquire the impression to reach that particular anonymous user
  • 0.14 ​​seconds after the first click of the user, and only 0.02 seconds after receiving the profile information, the DSP responds to ad exchange
  • 005 seconds of ad time has the exchange from here to carry your auction and select the winner
  • 019 seconds have passed and the exchange sends the price and the winning ad the ad server via the owner
  • 0.23 seconds from the start, and environmental ad server informs the browser the ad you have to show
  • 036 seconds after you start playing the ad in the user's browser, which has received the ad server to 0.31 seconds

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